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Peru is a spectacular and unique destination that is home to a myriad of extraordinary sights and activities. Alpaca Expeditions aims to provide superior tours of Peru, and offers a variety of incredible, memorable experiences.

About Alpaca Expeditions

Alpaca Expeditions is based in Cusco, Peru, and was founded by Raul Ccolque in 2012. Raul grew up in a small village, just like almost every guide and porter in Alpaca, where they lived (what we think of as) a very basic life. They had no televisions, phones, or cameras. Raul remembers playing in a river with friends and saw a plane for the first time, around seven years old, and was amazed by it.

Cusco wasn’t a major destination until about 1995 when the government added some regulations. Before that it was serious campers visiting and traveling on their own, carrying their own tents and supplies.

Raul never dreamed of working in tourism. At 16, he joined the Army and two years later, when he got out, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. He took a job working in security and someone there started talking about the field of tourism and how much it was growing in Cusco.  He then enrolled in University studying tourism and worked as a porter at the same time. Raul found that he loved meeting people from all over the world. The experience was a hugely positive one that instilled in him a desire to seriously practice English.

Finally, Raul started working in the office of another agency and then finally got his first job as a guide, the experience of which meant everything to him. Despite his great potential as a guide, he didn’t feel that the company that he worked for did everything in the right way, particularly in their treatment of porters. As a result, he later started Alpaca Expedition s with a dedication to doing things differently and being better than that past company. Today, those who working at Alpaca Expeditions are always reminding themselves of the true purpose of the business: to be able to make the lives of our team better.

“It’s amazing being able to show someone the world,” and all the guides and employees of this company have pride in being able to show visitors their world, culture, history, and more. If you are interested in booking one of our tours, or have any questions regarding special accommodations, feel free to contact us.

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