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Holidays in Peru…2019 Calendar

inti raymi ceremony cusco peru

Cusco loves a parade…check your travel dates against the 2019 holiday calendar and see if you will be around for a celebration. Date Holiday Name Brief Description January 1 New Years Day New Year’s Day January 6 Three Wise Men Day Known as Reyes Magos in Peru March 3 Carnavales A day celebrated with beautiful…

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Peru Expeditions: The Trip of a Lifetime

Peru Expeditions - Alpaca Expeditions

Peru is undoubtedly one of Latin America’s most fascinating countries. With a wide range of places and activities available for relaxing and recreation, you will find an exciting adventure wherever you look. Peru expeditions offer everything from world-class explorations and fascinating cultural history to breathtaking and unique attractions that are filled with charm and beauty.…

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Rainforest in Peru Is Like No Other

Rainforest in Peru - Alpaca Expeditions

There are many different things that people look forward to when they are traveling. Some look for historical sites, and there are others that are interested in the best restaurants that can be found in the area. Some people look for natural habitats that can be seen and enjoyed… and generally, there are quite a…

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Learning About Peru

Learning about Peru - Alpaca Expeditions

Peru is a multi-ethnic country with a population of roughly 30 million people. This South American country is located on the western side of the continent and faces the southern Pacific Ocean. The country borders Bolivia and Brazil to the east and Colombia and Ecuador to the north. History of Peru Peru’s history spans close…

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February: Time for us to Learn, Grow and Celebrate

alpaca expeditions enjoy on sacred valley

Since Alpaca Expeditions was formed  in 2012, every February when the Inca Trail  is closed for maintenance, we take advantage of the quiet and organize several activities to strengthen our skills and even more importantly, to celebrate. The celebration comes first. We begin with an awesome soccer tournament between our porters, guides, cook and office…

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All Saints Day

Dance of the cusco

There are very few holidays that are as widely celebrated around the world as Halloween. It is one of the world’s oldest holidays and definitely the most fun. But Halloween in Cusco is just the beginning of a three day celebration. All Saints Day, which begins on November 1st, is spent celebrating the Living. Relatives…

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Calendar of Festivities in Cusco

inti raymi ceremony cusco peru

One thing that Peruvians are really good at is celebrating! There are a dizzying number of festivities which combine the rituals of the predominantly Catholic population with colorful indigenous earth-based festivals, frequently interwoven throughout the symbology and celebrations and offer an absolute sensory symphony. Peruvians have roots which deeply connect them with their “Pachamama” (Mother…

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Eat Like a Local, Street Food in Cusco

san pedro market cusco Peru

Street Food in Cusco So you’re in a foreign country, everything looks and sounds and smells strange, nothing more so that the food. Fruit reminds you of the fruit back home but there is always some important difference: the colour is wrong, it’s too big or the wrong shape or smells funny. The good news…

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When to book your 2015 Inca Trail

Tips for Hiking the Inca Trail - Alpaca Expeditions

Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu has become one of the most popular vacation adventures.  But do to this popularity, and some heavy regulations by the Peruvian government, getting your permit is not so easy.  In order to hike the Inca Trail you must have a permit to do so.  Only licensed tour operators, like Alpaca…

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