Trekking Advice

Introduction to Hiking: What to Have in Your Bag!

By Nolan Faherty In order to prepare for any trek to Machu Picchu, you need to practice. While there may be workout programs and training schedules to prepare your body, the best thing you can do is get outside and hike! Find a local trail near you and begin by taking walks with some friends. …

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Travel Agency Tips: Advice from Alpaca Expeditions

Travel Agency - Alpaca Expeditions

Visiting Peru, and specifically, the breathtaking, mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu is on the bucket list for many people. Whether it’s your first trip abroad or your passport is overflowing with stamps, there are a few things that even the seasoned traveler shouldn’t miss when traveling to Peru. When you book with a local Peruvian…

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Counting down to the 2017 Season

Satellite Phones on hikes in Peru- Alpaca Expeditions

Alpaca Expeditions is always looking for new ways to be unique and remain the number 1 tour company in Cusco. Customer service is of course our number 1 attribute, but we have added some fun things to keep us ahead of the competition. This February we made a huge investment and purchased 50 satellite phones.…

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salkantay trek 5 days

Of course this is our most popular question – what will the weather be like on the trek? While we can’t answer this specifically, we can give you the general guidelines of weather in this region and on your particular trek. The most important thing to know is there are only two seasons in Cusco:…

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When to book your 2015 Inca Trail

Tips for Hiking the Inca Trail - Alpaca Expeditions

Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu has become one of the most popular vacation adventures.  But do to this popularity, and some heavy regulations by the Peruvian government, getting your permit is not so easy.  In order to hike the Inca Trail you must have a permit to do so.  Only licensed tour operators, like Alpaca…

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With May Comes Huge Crowds to Cusco

Sacred Valley with Machu Picchu tours cusco

Welcome to May everyone! We have officially entered the heart of the busiest time for tourism in this area. Many of you have treks coming up shortly and we just wanted to remind you of some key preparation points. Cusco will begin getting overwhelmed with tourists and places will be booked.  Make sure you have…

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Vaccinations and Travel Insurance

Many of you have asked about what vaccinations are needed for traveling to Peru. We think that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention really offers the best advice for this. Even your PCP will go to this site to make sure you are ready for travel. Below is the link and you will see…

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Alpaca Expeditions Thanks You!

So many of you have taken time out of your day to write amazing reviews about your experience with Alpaca Expeditions on websites like TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet.  This is something that is so appreciated by us.  It’s an honor to us just to be chosen as your tour operator.  We hope that each and…

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