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Alpaca Expeditions is always looking for new ways to be unique and remain the number 1 tour company in Cusco. Customer service is of course our number 1 attribute, but we have added some fun things to keep us ahead of the competition.

This February we made a huge investment and purchased 50 satellite phones. We are the only ones to offer this service. The ability to be connected to anyone in the world at any time helps people feel safe. We are not encouraging people to chat on the phone instead of appreciating the nature – the phones are too expensive per minute to do so anyway, but if you need to be in touch with a loved one at any time, you will now have the ability.

For all of you Salkantay trekkers, we have created the most beautiful new campsite for your second night of the trek. This campsite has been built by hand with beautiful gardens, a brand new dining area and a pool and hot tubs. Enjoy the views while soaking your muscles from a good day of hiking.

Bringing a family. Last year we had more families than ever and some with very little kids. We have purchased some Osprey Packs – Kid Carriers that can be used for any child 40 lbs or under. These can be rented for any hike or even to enjoy one of our day tours comfortably. We tried it out on a 2 year old who loved it so much she cried when we took her out. They are comfortable, help support their weight to carry them longer, and have some storage for supplies.

We introduced a new online community through Facebook to help future Alpaca clients connect with past Alpaca clients to get insight on best places to stay and eat, what to pack, what to expect. This has been a valuable asset already and can be found at

This is the beginning of the changes we have made for 2017 and more will come. And these new additions are on top of the private portable tents, top class equipment, best guides, amazing chefs who are ready with brand new recipes. We appreciate your trust in Alpaca and we hope that we amaze you with our services.

See you soon!

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