Food at the Inca Trail

Flavors at Altitude: Discovering Exquisite Mountain Food

Traditional food on the Inca Trail is usually a combination of local dishes infused with products and ingredients of the area. Availability of dishes varies according to the route explored. Alpaca Expeditions offers exclusive menus tailored to the nutritional needs of each guest. We aim to refuel you based on the vitamins and minerals needed before and after each trekking day. Each meal is a delectable balance of fruits, vegetables, protein, salads, sides, and even tantalizing desserts. Meals are always balanced, energetic, fresh, and delicious. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free food options are also available upon request.

How is our food transported on the Inca Trail?

Our porters transport ingredients, utensils, gas-powered stoves, and all cooking needs to each camp. The chefs and porters aim to prepare everything in advance, so you will be treated to warm and delicious food when you arrive at camp.

Who prepares the food on the Inca Trail?

The meals are prepared by professional chefs who specialize in trek cooking. Every year in February, when the Inca Trail is closed, our chefs learn and receive training on any new food safety guidelines to maintain hygienic food conditions while on the Inca Trail. Additionally, the culinary institute in Cusco supports our chefs and collaborates on the menus used.

What kind of food will you have on the Inca Trail?

Alpaca Expeditions will give you the chance to enjoy local delicacies. The Inca Trail includes 10 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and snacks between meals and tea. However, the last meal after the Machu Picchu tour is not included.

Where do the porters and chef get the water to cook?

Every campsite along the Inca Trail has water facilities. Our chefs take the water from here and boil it for 15 minutes to make it safe to be part of the meals.

Can you have vegetarian meals?

Our chefs are happy to provide vegetarian meals. Please let us know your dietary needs when booking your trip.

Can you have vegan meals?

All our chefs are trained to be able to prepare vegan meals. Let us know if you are a strict vegan, and send us a list of foods you cannot eat.

If you have a food allergy or special dietary requirements, can this be accommodated?

We have many clients who have allergies to nuts, wheat, etc. When you book a trip with us, you should send details of your allergy so we can arrange your food according to your needs. If your allergy is severe, you must be accompanied by a friend on the walk who is knowledgeable about your allergy and how to administer any medication in an emergency.

How is food preserved during the hike?

All the food is prepared with fresh ingredients, which are bought in the local market in Cusco a day before the trip. Our chefs are in charge of packing everything. Then, the porters transport the items the chefs need to prepare fresh meals daily. We do not use canned or dehydrated food. Therefore, the menus are a guideline, but the dishes may change based on what is available at the market for our 4 Day / 3 Night Inca Trail trek.

When are meals served?

Activities start early. Sometimes as early as 4 AM or 5 AM.

  • Breakfast – approximately 5-5:30 AM
  • Snacks – approximately 11 AM
  • Lunch approximately 12 or 1 PM
  • Tea time approximately 4 or 5 PM
  • Dinner approximately 7 or 8 PM

Menus for 4 Days and 3 Nights Inca Trail

Day 1

  • Pan Chuta (bread)
  • Fruit salad
  • Orange juice
  • Granola bar (cereal bar)
  • Scrambled eggs

**Snacks: Banana and crackers

  • Purple corn juice
  • Appetizers: Stuffed avocado, pumpkin soup
  • Starters: Garden rice, corn ceviche, potatoes fries with vinaigrette, fried trout with chorrillano sauce
  • Drink: Muña – Andean mint

**Tea time: Fried Wantan with cheese, popcorn and water.

  • Appetizers: Vegetable soup
  • Starter: Turco rice, yucca tortillas in aguaymanto sauce
  • Dessert: Banane flambée
  • Mate: Muña – Andean mint

Day 2

  • Oats
  • Fruit
  • Banana keke
  • Chicken crepe
  • Toasted bread
  • Water

**Snacks: Granadilla and crackers

  • Apple juice
  • Appetizers: Papa a la huancaina, moron or wheat soup.
  • Starters: Quinua chaufa, soja sauce with chicken, vegetable torrejas, Andean solterito, mashed potato with beef stew, mixed salad
  • Mate: Muña – Andean mint

** Tea time: Picarones with honey, popcorn and water.

  • Appetizer: soup
  • Starters: Green rice, lasagna, chicken with vegetables, hot salad with french fries
  • Dessert: Pear in wine
  • Drink: Muña – Andean mint

Day 3

  • Chocolate or quinoa
  • Japanese bread
  • Tamales
  • Passion fruit tart
  • Omelettes
  • Fried banana
  • Water

**Snacks: Mandarine and cookies

  • Passion fruit soda
  • Appetizer: Mango ceviche, quinoa soup
  • Starters: Chaufa rice, with guacamole, lomo saltado, stuffed potato, chicken salad, mixed salad
  • Mate: Muña – Andean mint

** Tea time: Cake, popcorn and water

  • Appetizer: Aguadito soup
  • Starter: Green noodles, rolled chicken, chili stuffed, russian salad, pizza

Day 4

  • Fava beans punch
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Pancakes with honey
  • Toasted bread

**Snacks: Grilled chicken sandwich, fruit, apple and granola bar (cereal bar).


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