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# of Kids: 160

Ages: 6-12

Professor: Professor Chang Wagner Naola Ccorimanya

Subjects: English, Mathematics, Literature and Computers

Meet the Kids of I.E.PRIMARIA Nº 50542, an elementary school in DEL CENTRO POPLADO DE LLULLUCHA. These are the children of many of our porters and the students of Professor Chang Wagner Naola Ccorimanya. Professor Wagner teaches English, Mathematics and Literature as well as heads the computer lab at the school.

Unfortunately there was a shortage of funding at the school and I.E.PRIMARIA Nº 50542 was going to have to do without an English and Mathematics class this year. Luckily Raul Ccolque and the managers at Alpaca Expeditions decided this was not acceptable and signed a contract to pay for a year's salary for a teacher to handle these courses. Professor Wagner answered our call and offered more than we could imagine.


There are 160 kids in the school in total ranging from 6 years old to 12. We are so excited to play a small role in their lives and plan on following their progress through the year. Hopefully some will grow up and can join our team one day. For now, it is amazing to hear their enthusiasm and their little voices.

This is our next generation. Peru is lucky to be one of South America's most stable countries and our children are growing up in a safer place than we did. But they need more than stability...they need to learn to dream big and that these dreams can come true. Learning english gives them a huge advantage as they grow up. But we don't want to stop here...we want to improve everything at the school and then move on to another school. We want to fill their library with books, technology lab with computers, and yard with playgrounds.

Of course all of this is possible because of our clients, so thank you. And if you have interest in helping or a connection on how to get donations, please let us know. It takes a village to help a village...and you guys are our partners!