Frequently Asked Questions About the Inca Trail


Frequently Asked Questions About the Inca Trail

There are those who travel with the sole purpose of reaching a destination, and then there are those who savor the journey itself. The Inca trail can gratify both preferences. It is one of the most acclaimed treks in Peru and South America in general. It is known for alluring mountain scenery, subtropical jungle terrain, lush cloud forests, and an awe-inspiring mix of Inca ruins, tunnels, and paving stones. The following are some common questions about the Inca Trail that people ask before their hike.

1. Is the trek strenuous? Must I be fit?

The Inca Trail is a 27-mile trek through mountainous regions and over a rugged terrain. The trek is at a high altitude of up to 4200 Meters above the sea level. This is, therefore, a physically taxing exercise and you will have to be physically fit to undertake it. It is advisable that you go to the gym or walk for a couple of kilometers every day in months leading to the trek. It is also imperative that you acclimatize yourself to the altitude. You can do this by simply spending a couple of days in Cusco, which is 3400 Meters above the sea level.

2. Is there an age limit for the Inca Trail trek?

There is no any government regulation on the age limit for the Inca trek, and we at Alpaca Expeditions don’t actually have an age requirement, specifically for children. We have seen five year-old and even two year-old kids where the parents and porters took turns carrying them!

3. What do I need to carry to the Inca trail?

We include a personal porter for everyone so they will be responsible for carrying your supplies from place to place, but everyone must have a day pack that should include everything they you for hiking hours, since your duffel will only be available in the morning and evening.

You will be out for several days, and therefore, you will need several items to make your trek more comfortable: backpack, raincoat, strong footwear, sweater and jacket, water bottle, flashlight, insect repellents, sunblock, antiseptic hand gel, and toiletries and toilet paper among other personal effects. You might also need to carry snacks, biscuits, and dried fruit. Alpaca Expeditions will provide you with some snacks.

4. Do I need a tour operator?

Yes! It is now illegal to hike the Inca Trail without an operator and has been like that for over 15 years. In order to hike, you need a permit, which only licensed operators can get – so you need to be specific. Other trails in the Andes can be done without a guide, but the Inca Trail can only be done by a guide.

In conclusion, the Inca Trail trek is a tough exercise calling for a thorough preparation. The above-discussed common questions about the Inca Trail will go a long way in helping you to prepare for your historical Inca Trail trek.

To plan your Peru adventure and to ask any questions about the Inca Trail, get in touch with Alpaca Expeditions. Alpaca Expeditions is a Peruvian travel operator with a main office in located in Cusco, Peru, and we are the top-rated tour operators of the Inca Trail.


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