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Peru is undoubtedly one of Latin America’s most fascinating countries. With a wide range of places and activities available for relaxing and recreation, you will find an exciting adventure wherever you look. Peru expeditions offer everything from world-class explorations and fascinating cultural history to breathtaking and unique attractions that are filled with charm and beauty.

What You Will Find on Your Peru Expeditions

The beautiful city of Lima, also known as the colonial ‘City of Kings,’ as well as Cusco offer an incredible amount of interesting history, old traditions, and remarkable colonial architecture.

In Cusco, you can challenge yourself to hike the ultra-famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, also considered to be one of the most beautiful and mysterious sites in the world. The trail offers an excellent range of accommodation for hikers throughout its length. This will take you through the ancient Inca ruins, the stunning mountain scenes of the Andes to the north, or Colca Canyon, Machu Picchu and the many Inca sites to the south. Immerse yourself in the ancient traditions of the area while you enjoy learning about the remarkably sophisticated building techniques of the Incas. Also, make sure to watch daybreak over the ruins at Machu Picchu from the fabled Sun Gate for an experience like no other.

Then there is Sacred Valley, the home of attractive colonial towns, isolated, weaving villages, and vibrant markets. Take a scenic tour of the lofty 10th and 11th-century Inca Citadels of Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and Urubamba.

Beyond Machu Picchu, venture into the Amazon and its winding river systems on board ‘Aria.’ The Peruvian Amazon gives you a chance to explore a staggering variety of plant and animal life while engaging with the locals from the native villages.

The unique mix of cultures and the friendliness of the people provides the perfect atmosphere for any tourist. Sample some of Peru’s distinctive cuisine, including Lomo Saltado, Ceviche Mixto, Empanadas, Tiradito, Butifarra, and Chicharrón. Allow yourself to be amazed by the indigenous rituals and meet Andean artisans to gain an understanding of Peru’s deep cultural roots. There is so much to see, appreciate, savor, and reflect upon!

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