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Are you in need of adventure? Year after year, Peru treks attract many would-be explorers who visit to view the spectacular scenery. Hiking the Inca trail will provide you with one of th4e most mind-blowing and memorable experiences in your life. The feeling of seeing the spectacular view of the terrain and the fauna and flora there cannot be expressed adequately in words.

What You May See on Your Peru Treks

The jungle is abundant with a variety of wildlife, including many birds and animals. The area is ideal for visiting tourists as well as learners and researchers who want to study the animals. Here are some of the following species that you can view if you visit this beautiful locale:

  • Endangered species. This group of animals include the spectacled bear, the Andean Cock of the Rock, and the dwarf deer.
  • Jungle birds. The most famous bird in the jungle is the Machu Picchu Mountain Caracara. Other birds along the trail also include the hummingbirds, wild turkey, parrots, and the popular torrent duck.
  • Sanctuary wildlife. Animals that can be watched and studied include the reptiles such as pallet and Micrurus coral snake, certain frogs, and lizards. Other animals also include the puma, the Andean fox, river otter

Inca Trail Flora

The Machu Pichu sanctuary is famous for the beautiful vegetation and trees along the trail. The forests have a variety of species such as  cedar, rosemary, laurel, Guarea, Weinmania and oaks. Other vegetation includes the shrubs and grasses that make the mountainous jungle worth visiting and exploring.

In Need of a Guide?

Alpaca Expeditions can provide you with expert Peruvian guide to travel the Inca trail. If you are planning to tour Peru, then Alpaca Expeditions will be your best partner. With us, you will have access to Machu Picchu guided tours among other great offers. Get in touch today for a trek that will surely take you back in history and give you a chance to learn about the Americas oldest city.

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