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The Salkantay Tour Trail is a great alternative for visitors who want a refreshing view of Machu Picchu. Different from the usual Inca trail route, the Salkantay trek has quickly become quite popular. Offering a visually spectacular trek through some of the most scenic views in Peru, it is close to nature, and less crowded as compared to the classic Inca Trail.

Alpaca Expeditions is always striving to make your Salkantay tour exceptional. We have included numerous unique features to ensure our hikers are well cared for and enjoy every moment that this alternative route offers. Read on to discover some of the elements that make our Salkantay tours distinct from others.

Alpaca Expeditions Offers Private Campsites

Touring with Alpaca Expeditions means you’ll be treated to the best facilities. Included in our Classic Salkantay Trek is a night in the Glass Cabanas. Sleeping under the stars ensures a good night’s rest before your journey begins. Additionally, throughout your tour we have several private campsites situated in very convenient locations. Hikers have the opportunity to experience the natural charm of Peru.

We recently opened our new campsite inspired by the Hobbit. Enjoy excellent accommodations in these little houses at Salkantasyshire . At our campsites you will enjoy views of dramatic landscapes, the snow-capped mountain peaks of Cusco, and bright blue lakes. Plus, we are the only tour company with a campsite right in front of Machu Picchu. Here you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset over the mountains.

Excellent Facilities Along the Salkantay Tour

Since the Salkantay tour gets fewer tourists, it generally has fewer facilities. You will rarely find bathrooms or showers along this route. However, Alpaca Expeditions offers Jacuzzi tubs, hot showers with all the supplies that you need, and a swimming pool. Enjoy a soak in a tub or pool to unwind after the long trek.

Superior Safety and Security Standards

We value our customers; therefore, we always ensure you are totally safe and secure. We have satellite phones on every tour. Now you may keep in touch with your loved ones or contact the doctor in case of an emergency. All of our guides speak English and are also certified in first aid.

At Alpaca Expeditions, we aim to provide our clients with the best treks, using only the top-notch guides and highest quality services and amenities. Contact us today for more information about our Salkantay trail tours.

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