Peruvian People are the Porters of Alpaca Expeditions

Porteadores Peruanos de
Alpaca Expeditions

Nuestros porteadores representan al pueblo peruano, tanto a los hombres como a las mujeres que están en el corazón de nuestra empresa. No es posible crear la experiencia que ofrecemos sin el increíble trabajo de nuestro equipo de porteadores. Están formados por hombres y mujeres de diferentes edades que están dispuestos a dejar sus hogares a varias horas de distancia durante días. Suelen ser agricultores.

Ser porteador es un trabajo duro. Lamentablemente, verás en muchas otras empresas que los porteadores llevan sandalias que se caen a pedazos. Muchos duermen en el suelo sin mantas y comen sin cubiertos. Para nosotros, esta es una forma inaceptable de tratar a nuestra gente peruana, por lo que intentamos ser líderes en el tratamiento de todos nuestros porteadores.

Nos esforzamos por tratarlos con respeto, ofreciéndoles salarios justos y un equipamiento adecuado. Nos preocupamos por su salud y la de sus familias, y nos comprometemos con proyectos sociales para ayudar a enriquecer sus vidas. La mayoría de nuestro equipo empezó como porteadores, incluido nuestro propietario Raúl, y esperamos poder mejorar sus vidas ya que ellos mejoran nuestra empresa.

Hemos abierto nuestras puertas a las mujeres de Cusco, y hemos tenido la suerte de contar con mujeres porteadoras. Ellas trabajan para nosotros con sonrisas aún más grandes y espíritus más brillantes. Estamos muy emocionados de que conozcas a nuestro increíble equipo de Green Machine.

Who are our Porters (Peruvian people)

Who are our Porters (Peruvian people)

Our porters are made up of proud Peruvian people who live simple lives as farmers in neighboring villages. They are people from Peru, both men, and WOMEN, ranging from 18 to 55 years old, and come from several different villages in the Cusco region. We employ approximately 250 male porters and 25 female porters (hopefully that number doubles every year. Often we have father and son, mother and daughter, or siblings work for us. They come from the following villages:

  • Comunidad Wakatinku 25 porters, located at 3800 meters
  • Comunidad Llullucha 20 porters, located at 3700 meters
  • Comunidad Choquekancha 25 porters, located at 3400 meters.
  • Comunidad Pumapunko 25 porters, located at 3700 meters
  • Comunidad Kachin 25 porters, located at 3700 meters
  • Comunidad Anparaes 25 porters, located at 3500 meters

For our local Peruvian people and culture their main language spoken is Quechua and farming is their main economic trade. Being a porter is a second income for them.

porters bus
porters bus Alpaca Expeditions

Porter's Bus

We treat our porters with the same dignity and respect as we do our clients. Just as our clients enjoy our private, comfortable transportation to and from our trekking trails, now so do our porters. Alpaca Expeditions EIRL is the only company in Cusco to have private buses dedicated solely to our “Green Machine” Porters use.

porters doctor
porters doctor alpaca expeditions

Our Porter’s Doctor

In 2019, we hired our first Alpaca Expeditions Medical Doctor to help tend to our guides, drivers, chefs and most importantly porters. Our MD is a general medicine specialist, dedicated to our porter’s needs, care and health education. He is stationed at our Porters House in Ollantaytambo (also the breakfast place for our Inca Trail hikers) and works Monday through Friday.

porter house
porter house alpaca expeditions

Our Porter’s House

As we mentioned above, our Porters like many Peruvian people come from distant villages to work our treks. Since all our tours begin from Cusco, they all need to spend the night before their trek close by the trailhead. And often they hope for a hot shower before making the trip back home after the trek. Alpaca Expeditions has rented a complete house for our Porters use…complete with comfortable beds, rooms to relax in, a dining room to enjoy and now our medical post.

Because our owner, Raul Ccolque Ccolque, began his career as a Porter, we spend careful attention to make sure that our Porters are treated as brothers and sisters with respect, admiration and care.

porters Equipment
porters Equipment alpaca expeditions

Proper Equipment for our Porters

Every porter of ours receives proper equipment. That includes moisture-wicking long/short sleeve shirts, comfortable pants, a warm waterproof jacket, hiking boots, warm hat, sun hat, weight belts, and a headlamp. Our female porters are given skirts and dresses to make sure they are comfortable hiking without breaking their cultural traditions. Alpaca Expeditions provides this for free to all of our porters.

While the government allows each porter to carry up to 25kg, we keep our limit at 20kg. Each porter will carry up to 15kg from the company and 5kg of their stuff. That is why it’s so important to keep your duffel light and not exceed our allowed 7kg limit. You will see other companies carrying more than the allotted weight – we will not allow our porters to carry this burden.

Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Bags alpaca expeditions

Tents and Sleeping Bags for our Porters

Again, this is something unique that Alpaca Expeditions provides, and sad others are not doing. We supply tents for our porters so they can sleep as comfortably as our guests. Along with proper shelter, we also give warm, down sleeping bags to all our porters as the mountains can reach freezing at night. Our porter’s welfare is important to us, and we hope to treat them and all Peruvian people fairly, appreciatively and equally.

Nutritious Meals
Nutritious Meals alpaca expeditions

Nutritious Meals for our Porters

A general comment from trekkers on an Alpaca Expeditions tour is that we serve too much food. Well, our porters get to eat the same food that our clients receive. They get to enjoy it as they wish, in the dining tent or separately enjoying some quiet and some time to rest. They each are given water bottles to make sure they stay hydrated and plenty of coca tea, their favorite.


Nuestro objetivo en Alpaca Expeditions es crear la mejor experiencia para todos nuestros clientes. Creamos viajes que serán recordados para toda la vida. Viajes de los que puedes estar orgulloso y que puedes compartir con todos los que te rodean.

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