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Alpaca Expeditions Female Porters on Netflix

Alpaca Expeditions Female Porters on Netflix

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This impressive documentary follows five characters in deep connection with the majestic mountains of South America, all the way from Argentina to Colombia.

On this occasion, the documentary shows the importance of women porters in providing the ideal visit of tourists to Machu Picchu.

Alpaca Expeditions was the first company to coordinate and implement the work of women porters in the Inca Trail.
We are very excited to be part of this great documentary produced by Netflix.

Creators Luis Ara and Alexandra Hardorf created a beautiful Netflix docuseries, Magical Andes, about the Andes Mountain range and the mysteries behind them. They traveled from Chile to Argentina to create the series, with many stops along the way including in Cusco, Peru. If you have the chance to watch this beautiful series, make sure to pay careful attention to episode 4, titled Peru, an ancient culture, which visits Machu Picchu and does a beautiful job showing the colors and geographical variety of Peru.

They begin the show in Puno, showcasing Lake Titicaca, the highest elevated lake in the world. 8 minutes into the show, you will land at Machu Picchu and see amazing footage of the Inca trail and all the roads that lead to the Inca citadel. They go on to explain that hundreds of thousands of tourists visit each year and are guided around the mountains by porters. “Men and women of this region have made this job their profession. They have the ability to walk these trails regularly, at times going through mountain passes at over 4,000 meters high above sea level. They are the ones that know the trail and hold the permits to escort the visitors.” As the narrator explains this, you follow 2 of the Alpaca Expeditions “Green Machine” female porters through the mountainside. While our name has been removed from the shirt for legal purposes, the jewel green color of our uniforms shines bright and the women walk with pride.

We were so honored to be part of this series that helps highlight the beauty of our country and our region all over the world. Tourism is so important to our region and has a lot of room to move. When people come to visit, jobs are created and lives are enhanced. We hope you enjoy this show and keep telling people to come visit Peru.

Viva Peru! Go Green Machine.