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TREK the 7 lakes of Ausangate Peru!


$160 USD per person


No lodging


Up to 6





7 Lakes trek - Ausangate Peru - 1 Day Hike

Experience the 7 Lakes of Ausangate Peru, including Pariacaca, Otorongo, and the Pucacocha in The Cordillera Negra! A great option when traveling to Cusco. If you are a trekker and have limited time this full day experience is the best one for you. Amazing landscapes, visit 7 different lakes and also views of the snowy peaks of the area.

Price:$160USD per person 

7 Lakes trek - Ausangate trek - 1 Day Hike

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7 LAKES TRIP DETAILS | Ausangate Peru


Day 1: Cusco – Pacchanta – Lakes – Cusco

This is a full day hike in the Ausangate Peru region. Our journey will start at 4 am. We will pick you up from your hotel and take a 3-hour drive towards Pacchanta. This place is located at 4200 meters above sea level and passes by the Tinke village. This means that temperatures will be lower than Cusco itself. Once in Pacchanta your trekking chef will cook a hot breakfast for you. All safety protocols will be met in order to guarantee everybody’s health.
After breakfast and a small break, we will start our hike towards the lakes in the Ausangate region.

The hike will be about 5 hours and will take you along the path where we will see the different lakes like Azulcocha, Otorongo, Pucacocha, Alqacocha y Q’omercocha. That's not the only highlight; we will also view the snow covered peaks that surround this area. These include Ausangate (6834 m.), Mariposa or Butterfly (5842 m.), Jampa (5500 m.), Pucapunta ( 5740 m), Caracol or Snail mountain (5625 m.), Tinke (5300 m.) and the whole Qayangate chain of mountains.

This area is located in the Andean region which means that weather is changeable. Expect everything from cold temperatures to hot sun impact. For this reason, we advise you to bring a hat or cap and to use a good sunblock to avoid any sunburn and headaches.

Along the path we will have the chance to see the local flora and fauna. From different kinds of birds to vicuñas and llamas. The views are breathtaking, and you will have the chance to visit all of the different lakes as you return along the same pathway. The return will be easier and faster hiking towards Pacchanta again. Once you get to the trailhead your trekking chef will have a hot lunch ready for you to recover your energy.
Pacchanta has a number of hot springs that you will be able to use to relax and provide comfort to your sore muscles. This water is naturally hot and will be the perfect ending after a great hike. You can enjoy this before having your lunch and then recover yourself while having a great meal cooked just for you.
Once lunch is finished take our transportation back to Cusco and towards your hotel for you to take some well-deserved rest.

Meals included: Breakfast and lunch
Max Elevation: 4.850 meters / 15912 feet
Min Elevation: 4.300 metros / 14107 pies
Approx. distance: 15 km


As mentioned above. We will pass the 4000 meters high elevation (13000 feet). This means that we will be in the high Andean region of Ausangate Peru. Weather at this elevation is quite changeable and known for its cold temperatures, low humidity and lesser oxygen levels (Something easily covered by properly acclimating before the hike).
Temperatures during the early morning and night can go from -10ºC to -5ºC (14ºF to 23ºF) making this a very cold portion of the hike.
During the day and with the sun up, these temperatures will increase to 20º to 25ºC (68º to 77ºF).

What to bring?

Now that we know about the itinerary and also about the weather we can let you know about what to pack for this experience.
Trekking gear will be mandatory here. A good pair of trekking shoes will make your hiking easier and more comfortable as well. We advise this to avoid any kind of injury.
To compliment the trekking shoes, you need to bring comfortable pants and also layers for the upper part of your body. A fleece jacket always helps but having a base layer is necessary for the early morning portion of the trek.
Once you will start hiking you will need to use a hat or a cap and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. Remember, we are at a really high elevation which means that sun-rays are stronger combined with the lack of humidity. This can create sunburns and also dehydration so wearing hat is important. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen as well.

If you plan to use the hot springs you will need your bathing suit.

We will provide you water after breakfast for we advise you to bring at least 2 liters of water so we can refill it for you after breakfast and before you start the hike.


This is a full day trek involving 15 Km distance. Due to the weather and elevation we can consider this trek medium difficulty.
More than the trek itself the increase of elevations is the most challenging part of this experience. You may also hire a horse for the trekking part if you wish.



  • For this experience we include:
  • Private transportation
  • Professional guide
  • Trekking chef
  • Breakfast and lunch cooked at the spot
  • Walking sticks
  • Rain poncho
  • Pick-up and drop-off to your hotel

Not included:

  • Hired horse
  • Dinner


$160 per person



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