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Personal Porters of 7 kg

Why we bring duffel bags?

Why we bring duffel bags?When hiking the Inca Trail we need to be very careful with the amount of weight we are taking for every group.Remember that the Inca Trail is only possible thanks to the help of our porters. Our Green Machine is the hardest working staff in the mountains and for that same reason we need to take care of them as much as we can.The Inca Trail is the most famous trek in Peru and for that same reason is the most regulated. This is in order to preserve the park and also to protect the staff working to make this trek possible. There are a lot of rules that Alpaca Expeditions as a licensed tour operator follows religiously and there is one specific about the weight each client can bring.Here is when the 7 Kg rule comes in. Every client is only allowed to bring 7 kilos of extra weight besides the daypack each one carries. For that same reason we provide our duffel bags which are the perfect size to cover this 7 kilos need and also to be comfortable for our team to carry.

What does 7Kg duffel bag included in the price mean?

Not all of the companies include this in their price and charge the 7Kgs as an extra. Leaving clients with the option of carrying everything on their backs which is not advisable due to the challenging of the trek.In Alpaca Expeditions we include this on the price so you can have this whole topic solved and we also hire more porters in order for them to distribute the weight better and to make their jobs easier.


How big are your duffel bags?

Our duffel bags are 66cm x 33 cm (25.9 x 12.9 inches)

Remember: Your sleeping bag and Air matt are part of this weight. Ifyou are renting these items from us you need to know that our Sleeping bag and Air Matt are a total of 3 Kilos weight leaving you 4 kilos for your belongings which is more than enough.

Will the porter walk next to me?

No, the system along the Inca Trail is a little bit different than other treks. While on the Inca Trail you will only have access to your duffelbag at the campsites. The porters don’t walk along the hikers. They set everything for the clients to enjoy their meals after the trekking.Our porters will trek until the lunch spot to have everything ready and once you finish your meal and start again. They will pack everything up, will trek to the next campsite, will get there before the trekkers and will set everything up again.

Extra Porter

We can also totally understand that 7 kilos may not be enough based on your needs.You can hire an extra porter to carry one extra duffel bag which means 7 kilos for you.This needs to be arrange with our sale representative based on availability to make it happen for you.The same rules as for a normal duffel bag apply for this. You can only have access to these duffel bags at your campsites.The cost for an extra porter is $100.

When will I get my duffel bag?

Your duffel bag will be provided after your briefing session. Our guide will explain every single detail about how to use it and how to pack your belongings. After the briefing session you will be able to bring your duffel bag back to your hotel to start packing.If you can’t get to your briefing session or need to be rescheduled. Just let our team know so we can provide all the assistance needed.

What should I pack in my duffel bag?

As mentioned above. You will only have access to your duffel bag atthe campsite. For that same reason we advise to pack the thing you will need along the trekking such as: Water, Sun Glasses, snacks, change of T-shirt, some medication, a jacket for the afternoon, etc. In your daypack and everything else such as: the rest of your clothes, change of shoes, medication, the rest of your snacks and he rest of your belongings in your duffel bag.

During the trek – Daypack
During the campsites – Duffel bag


Our goal at Alpaca Expeditions is to create the best experience for all of our clients. We create journeys that are to be remembered for a lifetime. Journeys you can be proud of and can share with everybody around you.

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