Choquequirao Treks

Choquequirao Treks

If you haven’t heard of the Choquequirao (or “choquekiraw”) ruins, you aren’t alone! While the ruins of Machu Picchu gained notoriety among travelers and trekkers alike, the “Sister” site is still largely overlooked… and not for a lack of sacred beauty!

The Choquequirao ruins are larger than Machu Picchu, but are currently a hidden gem, and not easily accessible to visitors. These treks offer you an incredible change to explore the trails and ruins alike.

Why Choose Alpaca Expeditions for your Choquequirao Trek?

Trek in complete confidence knowing that you’ll have top-quality camping equipmentnutritious meals on the trail prepared by professional chefs, and a trail team trained in safety procedures that exceed expectations on every trek. Beyond this, you can feel good about supporting a 100% Peruvian company whose involvement with local communities includes social projects and initiatives in porter welfare.

Choquequirao Trek - 5 D 4 N
5D / 4N Relaxing
Choquequirao Peru Tour + Machu Picchu 6 D 5 N
6D / 5N Relaxing

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