Alpaca Expeditions 100% Peruvian Company

Alpaca Expeditions 100%
Peruvian Company

A lot of people ask us about the importance and meaning of being a local company and why are we feeling so proud about this feature. Cusco is the touristic city by excellence, almost of all the residents are involved in this industry in some way or another making it very important for their economy. This revolution caught the attention of a lot of businessmen all over the World and they started investing in Cusco due to the stock access they had and have.

Raul Ccolque Ccolque Alpaca Expeditions Owner

Our Team

We can’t start to talk about our team without mentioning the founder first. The person who with an ideal and a lot of hard work started what Alpaca Expeditions is now. The owner and our proud boss, Raul Ccolque.

Raul Ccolque Ccolque, the owner and director of Alpaca Expeditions, was born in one small village near sacred valley. He was raised speaking quechua – the local language. His parents still live on his family farm coming into the city once a week to sell their vegetables. He studied his elementary and high school in the same village and when he graduated he went to the army as he always dreamed of being a police officer. Along the way, a friend from his village invited him to be a porter on the Inca Trail and he immediately changed his focus, falling in love with the sounds of the tourists – their language, their habits. He immediately enrolled in the University studying tourism and English while working as a porter at the Inca Trail. Once he graduated from University, he worked in a local company’s office for a bit and finally became a licensed tour guide. Working in all these different capacities in tourism and for several companies, he always felt the companies were too focused on money and less on people.

Who are the Alpaca Expedition's
Green Machine

Alpaca Expeditions has been growing year by year, not only in number of clients, but also the number of employees. By the end of 2017, we were so happy to employ more than 300 people. Most of our staff works along the treks providing the best and safest experiences. Each one of them are part of the powerful Green Machine!

Alpaca Expeditions Guides

Our Guides

Travelling and trekking along the mountains is one of the best activities in the World. Connecting with nature and conquering your own limits to get to the highest points of the creation can’t be beat by anything. But this activity needs to be supported by professionals and for that same reason we have our professional […]
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Our Cooks

Our Chefs

Trekking along the mountain on your way to conquer Machu Picchu is a once in a lifetime experience. Which won’t be possible to be done without our staff. Our guides and porters make the trek possible and provide all the needed help but the real secret behind our motto ‘’the journey is the destination’’ is […]
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Alpaca Expeditions Porters Green Machine

Our Porters

Our porters are known as the main gears of the “Green Machine” of the Inca trail. They will blow you away. They are the hardest working people in the company. They will carry all your belongings, all the food, tents – all logistical equipment. We thank them for this hard work by making sure they have the best treatment here in Cusco. All hiking gear including shoes, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and meals are provided free of charge from the company. We provide better wages than any company in Cusco so they can live from the wages and provide for their families. We are proud to say that we have at least 300 porters in total and they come from different villages from the Cusco region, such as Pisaq, Lares, Calca and Ollantaytambo.

Why is it Mandatory to have Porters on The Inca Trail

Before 1990, the Inca Trail was not regulated by the Peruvian government. Unfortunately many of these early hikers left a lot of trash along the way. The government took note of this problem and initiated a project to protect the trail. The Green Army All our porters are quechua language speakers who come from farming villages. Alpaca Expeditions will help them to keep growing their community, especially in education, health and culture. We have different ongoing projects and hope to add many more.

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Alpaca Expeditions Goals

Our Goals

Every time we accomplish a goal, we can’t help trying to find new challenges and new ways to improve ourselves. But, as the beginning, we also keep our first goals as commandments.

  • Provide sustainable and informative tours of Macchu Picchu
  • Maintain the company as 100% locally owned
  • Educate about Incan culture and its history
  • Supporting our local community by giving back to our community
  • Offer a memorable and enjoyable trekking experience
  • Provide equitable services to the Green Army (our porters)
Alpaca Expeditions Values

Our Values

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Clients become our friends
  • Commitment to the culture and society of the Andean world
  • Work as a team by sharing knowledge, experience and dedication
  • Creativity and innovation form solidarity
  • Replace attacks and criticisms with proposals and actions
  • Made by Peruvians
Our Vision

Our Vision

We offer quality and personalized tours, no matter the type. Those who choose to take a train to Machu Picchu are treated with the same dedication as those who spend days hiking through the mountains.

We are recognized as the leading tour agency and operator in the Cusco region, and one that contributes greatly to the development of the tourism sector.

Our Ambitions

Our Ambitions

We hope to build an entirely sustainable company that provides top-quality service to visitors, while at the same time, develop methods to provide children and families in the Cusco region with opportunities for education and support.

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Our goal at Alpaca Expeditions is to create the best experience for all of our clients. We create journeys that are to be remembered for a lifetime. Journeys you can be proud of and can share with everybody around you.

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