Food at the Inca Trail

Our Chefs

Trekking along the mountain on your way to conquer Machu Picchu is a once in a lifetime experience. Which won’t be possible to be done without our staff. Our guides and porters make the trek possible and provide all the needed help but the real secret behind our motto ‘’the journey is the destination’’ is known well you are going to eat every day thanks to our trekking chefs.
Being a trekking chef for the Inca Trail or any adventure towards Machu Picchu is not easy at all. A trekking chef needs to carry all the needed gear for every day’s meals, set up the kitchen tent and start the process to provide the best dishes you can imagine.

All of the meals are cooked on the spot and follow the most detailed protocols to make the food both delicious and safe for be eaten. Our trekking chefs can cater to any dietary need or allergies without losing any of the flavor these meals will have. A great hot breakfast, a three course lunch and happy hour with diner to make everyday a treat. Hiking is better when knowing that the best food is waiting for you!

Learn more about the incredible, award-winning Peruvian food on our treks.

A regular group has one leading chef and a sous chef. If the group number is larger, then 2 sous chefs will be there to make magic at the kitchen.

All of the ingredients are purchased the night before and along the trek are carried in coolers to guarantee the freshness of the meals made out of them.

Every campsite along the Inca Trail has water facilities. Our chefs take the water from here and boil it in order to make it safe to be part of the meals.

All of the meals we display to our clients are 100% safe to be eaten and enjoyed. We pay extra attention to detail on this so everybody can have the best experience without any risk.

Not only to vegan diets. Our chefs can cater to any dietary need or allergy the client needs. From vegetarian and vegan to kosher or halal meals can be done. Let us know if you can’t eat something due to allergies and our chefs will make it happen for you.

Yes since the cooks will purchase the ingredients in Cusco. They have access to exchange money. Peruvian currency would be easier for them, but USD is also great. Any tip is greatly appreciated by them.

No food is wasted along with our experiences. We present our meals as a buffet option. Everybody can eat as much as needed so each one can control their own portions. This same system allows the leftover food to be eaten by any other trekker or even the guide and porters since it didn’t had any interaction with other people. It is safe and our team will be more than happy to enjoy an extra portion.

Our porters use a propane stove fed by a gas tank to cook the meals. Crazy, right?
They are magical workers able to pull out the best meals with limited resources. You will be amazed by witnessing them.

Yes, every February (Low season in Cusco) we provide cooking classes to all of our chefs. This take place at a professional cooking school such as Latino. Here our chefs improve their skills and learn new ways to cater to every single food restriction and dietary needs while keeping on the best flavor and quality.

Yes, we take special care with our chefs. Each one of them is trained to provide amazing meals while taking care of the hygiene. Health is our number 1 concern and our team knows this very well.


Our goal at Alpaca Expeditions is to create the best experience for all of our clients. We create journeys that are to be remembered for a lifetime. Journeys you can be proud of and can share with everybody around you.

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