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Our goal is to collaborate with Andean communities to overcome economic and social challenges through a working partnership that directs resources toward sustainable projects. Special focus is given to support our kids and their educational endeavors.

Alpaca Expeditions is based in Cusco, Peru. The company was created by Raul Ccolque, an ex-porter and tour guide for the Inca Trail, among others. He was born in one of the highland Andean villages where he had a difficult life growing up. After his studies, he created this company to give something back to his community and other local villages. Since Alpaca Expeditions has been open, we have done many social projects in benefit of the Andean people, as well as practicing sustainable tourism. Not only do we complete social projects, we also take good care of the porters who work for our company. We pay them above average wages, supply them with health and life insurance, and always respect the state and national laws written for the porters. In addition, we also help the villages our porters live in, especially in assisting with the children’s needs. We provide hygienic supplies every three months, as well as computers, books and other educational necessities. We have even brought teachers to their schools.

It would be hard for us to give back to the community without the help of our clients, who trust us to take them on their journeys. We don’t just provide great services, but we also send your money to support our social projects, for the benefit of the villages and its children. By choosing and traveling with Alpaca Expeditions, you choose to take part in the wonderful social projects that our company is creating and supporting.


This year we have created an amazing new program in the local language called “Ricsishun Nukanchispata” which means “Knowing Ours”. In Andean villages, most children never leave home and grow up seeing only their village. NOW with our program children from different villages and students from local schools have a unique opportunity to go on a free tour to visit several Inka archeological sites we have on our Sacred Valley Tour. In the surrounding areas of Cusco, the kids will also have the opportunity to visit our newest tourist attraction, Rainbow Mountain.

Our Goal is that every Sunday at least 15-17 children from ages 8 to 14 years old will be picked up from their village and go on a tour with an Alpaca Expedition guide and chef. They will learn about their culture, traditional food, and what their ancestors built. After the tour, they will be returned to their villages in the evening. We hope that at the end of the year at least 700 students will have visited these sites, and can feel proud with what we have taught them about their rich Inka culture.

  • How can you join this program?

    We invite you to come volunteer for a free Sacred Valley or Rainbow Mountain educational tour with these children. You will experience how Alpaca Expeditions creates opportunities for children of the Andes to learn more about their culture. We have very limited spots and only 2-4 people can join each Sunday. If you are interested please let us know so we can secure your spot. So come help us give back to our community we love so much.

  • How can I contribute to this program?

    We accept all donations in the form of cash and major credit/debit cards through our PayPal account.


This is another amazing program Alpaca Expeditions has started. Since our owner grew up in an Andean village, he has experienced how poor the educational programs are in the rural areas that are located far away from the city of Cusco. Sometimes only one teacher is able to teach and must teach multiple grades different courses. In 2017 and 2019 the education and children were not improving, so Alpaca Expeditions employed and sent one teacher that teaches English, Computer skills, Mathematics, and Literature. This teacher is supported by Alpaca Expeditions and they are a dedicated full-time teacher to at least 170 children from 5-12 years old.

  • How can I visit this school?

    Simple, email us and we will set up a visit for you. It’s about 3-hour drive each way but it can be done in one day.

  • How can I help the kids?

    You can bring school supplies and leave them with Alpaca Expeditions at the office and we can take them to the kids on your behalf. Or you can make a donation to the Alpaca Expeditions PayPal account.


100% of our porters do the Inka Trail and only 5% have been to Machu Picchu. Why? Even though they do the Inca Trail each week carrying all of the hikers’ gear, the Rangers don´t allow them past the last campsite. They only get to come back to Cusco and prepare for the next group. Because of that, Alpaca Expeditions has created for them and their families a trip to visit this 7th wonder as a tourist. Each year we organize two trips with around 80 porters to travel to Machu Picchu with their families in February and August. February is their month off since the Inka Trail is closed, and August is the winter break for their children. We know that going to Machu Picchu is very expensive and that is the reason why many families who farm are unable to visit. Everyone at Alpaca Expeditions appreciates the hard work our porters do and we want to thank them by providing this free all expense paid (train tickets, accommodations, entrance fees, bus tickets, & transportation) trip. We are proud to say that Alpaca Expeditions is the only company doing this incredible social project.

  • How can I help Alpaca Expeditions keep taking more Porters to Machu Picchu?

    We appreciate any monetary donations which can done through our PayPal account.


Alpaca Expeditions is a company dedicated to preserving nature. It’s a company that has worked hard in order to preserve the trails and treks for the enjoyment of the local people and future generations. Some hikers, porters, and even local people have been found to throw away garbage along the trails leaving them dirty and negatively affecting the local people and indigenous wildlife that live in the Andes. Every year our company organizes a Cleaning Campaign where we have staff members clean the trail and pick up plastic bottles or any non-organic item.

Inca Trail Clean-Up Campaigns
Lares Clean-Up Campaigns
Huchuy Qosqo Clean-Up Campaigns


The tradition in remote areas of the Andes is to clean teeth with only water. Of course, that is not enough to have your teeth in good healthy condition. That is why Alpaca Expeditions has hired a team of Odontologist to visit the remote villages where our porters come from. There they provide dental services by cleaning the children’s teeth, filling cavities, correcting bad teeth, extractions, and teaching how to use toothpaste and brushing. They also help by donating hundreds of oral cleaning kits for each child.

  • How Can I help with this program?

    You can donate to Alpaca Expeditions to help create teeth cleaning kits with items such as toothpaste & toothbrushes. If you are unable to donate these items you can always donate economically by our PayPal account and we will purchase the cleaning kits here in Cusco to donate and distribute to the children.


For a long time we all have experienced many forest fires and deforestation all over the world, and the Andes especially the Cusco region is no stranger to this big problem. Many people looking for larger farmland are burning forest, cutting down trees for industry reasons, and each year we are left with less and less vegetation. In addition to this issue, most farmers are growing trees that negatively impact the environment. Such as eucalyptus trees that deteriorate the surrounding soil and with their natural oils create a dry environment that is prone to wildfires. Unfortunately, the local farmers only see their own benefits in the profit they make and not the needs of nature itself.

Alpaca Expeditions is taking advantage of the wet seasons and each year donates at least 10,000 Polilepys Trees to the local villages.

Queuña Trees


For many years these villages have been forgotten by our Peruvian government, especially those villages located in the middle of the mountains which do not even have access to cars and people can only arrive by horses. We consider that our region Cusco receives more than a million tourists per year which would make you think that Cusco is the richest region BUT it’s not. Considered as one of the poorest region in Peru due to the money collected from tourists being sent to Lima.


Our goal at Alpaca Expeditions is to create the best experience for all of our clients. We create journeys that are to be remembered for a lifetime. Journeys you can be proud of and can share with everybody around you.

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