I.E.N Señor de Coyllority School visited Rainbow Mountain

I.E.N Señor de Coyllority School visited Rainbow Mountain

Cultural Sundays by Alpaca Expeditions

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

On Sunday, April 28, we go to the community of TINKEis located approximately 3 hours from the city of Cusco. We arrived at the square where the 6th-grade classroom of the Coyllurrity school. They were waiting with their parents, cheerful and enthusiastically. We knew it would be a great day. We all boarded the bus to start our trip as all the children had their morning snack of corn, cheese, and a bottle of coca. We arrived in the city of Cusco close to Chinchero our first stop. The children were amazed by the women with long braided hair. We continued to the archaeological center where the children learned the history of this small Inca site. After the center, we all got back on the bus to make our way to Ollantaytambo. We arrived they were so surprised by the scale of the ruins. Soon they were hungry for lunch, and we went to the town of Pisac.

We took them to a buffet restaurant for lunch were they enjoyed every bit of it. After lunch, we took them to another archaeological site in Pisac. There the guide told them all about the history of that are and finishing the tour at 4:00 PM. On the way home, we passed through San Salvador, where we saw the fruit Tunas. It is a small sweet fruit but hard to pick because of the thorns. The children asked the driver if they could stop and pick some to take home. All of the children ran out of the van to get as much as they could carry. They were so excited to take them to their parents because in their town this fruit does not grow. They all boarded the bus after and we took them to their village. Once we arrived, their parents came to pick them up. That is when we saw how important this project was. The children were so grateful as they gave us all hugs and smiled as we drove off.


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