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Social Project Kusisqa Asirikuy (Happy Smile)

Alpaca Expeditions is constantly looking for ways to give back and offer a helping hand to local communities. We are also very aware of the social responsibility to help those with less access to these resources. One of the many contributions Alpaca has recently made is by providing dental support to local children in regions with less access to these necessaities. We choose specifcally to come to these places as they are very far from the city and because of this the Peruvian governemnt does not have much reach there. This means the healthcare they need is much more important. Therefore visitng these locations is a top priority for us in regards to spreading information and offering resources on important topics such as dental health.

child from Pampallacta, Calca - Peru

We all know how important dental hygiene is, often times we can forget how lucky we may be to have access to such a basic human need and over look the importance of it. Dental hygiene is truly a necessisity to keep ourselves healthy and live happy lives. There are many areas throughout Peru where resources like this are often limited in certain regions and children face hardships or roadblocks to accumulate them. Alpaca understands this and is always ready to provide and offer both resources and donations. We understand and know children deserve to have the dental care necessary to keep themselves and their teeth healthy

dental hygiene - social preventation with AE

With the help of Sat Dent dental center and the donation of toothbrushes and toothpaste from an Alpaca Expeditions passenger and customer Siena Huang. Alpaca was able to carry out this campaign with these generous donations. The collabaration of this dental center as well has made all of this posible to orchestrate. We are incredibly blessed for this donation from a passenger. Because of this donation of resources we were able to execute this campaign successfully. On January 21st Alpaca made the trip to a local región called Pampallacta in the province of Calca, Cusco region, with the objective of providing dental support to the children of this locality. The specific campaign is called Kusisqa Asirikuy which means “Happy Smile”. This first began with a talk given by the dental surgeon Harold Umpire Revollar from the Sat Dend Dental Center. This dental surgeon was able to provide information on the cause of different diseases that affect our oral health and how good care can prevent them. He also came equipped with teeth cleaning ítems to hand out afterwards.

Through both education and resources this presentation was able to showcase the importance of dental health which ultimately effects everyone. Education is one of the most powerful ways and tools to learn and expand the minds of young ones who are in need of this information. Unfortunately not everyone is able to have access to these resources. Alpaca has no problem offering a generous hand and taking these ventures knowing we can make a difference in the lives of others around us and reach other communities.

The “Happy Smile” campaign came to this community to do something called “social preventation” work. This work includes encouraging people, specifically children to be more proactive partcularly in this case about their health and well-being. This can hopefully prevént or delay poor dental health in the future for these specific children in these communties. As well as increasing independence and reduce or delay the need for care and support services in the future. One of the presentations included informing children on the most common dental disease called “caries.” We hope through these informative conversations it can improve the dental health of these children while providing education and offer a fun way to learn through different activites. A giant tooth costume was present as a demonstration for how brushes and floss are used properly on the teeth. The Happy Campaign also teaches brushing techniques and the consequences surrounding cavities. We remind parents and siblings to encourage children to take care of their teeth by making learning fun. We remind the children the most important part of taking care of teeth is also by having a good diet. We teach both parents and kids the importance of having clean teeth.

campaign Asirikuy - Happy Smile

After concluding this talk and kid friendly presentation. Free tooth paste, mouthwash, a toothbrush, and a glass were given to the more than 60 children who attended the activity. Alpaca expeditons also provided lime Green cups to rinse with. Together with them a demonstration of the correct way to use the toothbrush was showcased as well as the proper amount of toothpaste to use. Instruction on the minimum time that the whole process of oral hygiene should last was also demonstrated. The most important part involved both teeth and gum checkups that were also given to all of the children free of cost. Many of these children have parents that work with alpaca expeditions as “porters.” These porters travel and help carry many tourists belongings when hiking with the Alpaca Company. We highly appreciate the work these porters do for alpaca. Their hardwork does not go unnoticed and we do not forget to give back to their communities where many of their children and families reside.

Throughout the presentation and afterwards we received many thanks from parents who attended with their children. Many took the oppurtunity to express their gratitude to Alpaca Expeditions for the support that is able to be offered and provided to them. The issue surrounding dental health is very important to these parents as well as the resources and information that the local children had the ability to recieve. The day ended with a group photo and many happy smiles.

happy smiles

Despite the all around many diffilculties Peru is going through right now and currently experiencing politically. Alpaca Expeditions has still made a commitment to carrying out social projects that mean the most to us and are important to us. Alpaca Expeditions will also continue to offer support in the following years and expand its social prevention-work. We understand the important role we take in social responbility and helping the local communities around us.


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