Alpaca expeditions trekkers visit Llullucha school

Alpaca trekkers visit
Llullucha school

Our goal is to collaborate with the Andean communities to overcome economic and social challenges through a working association that directs resources towards sustainable projects. Special attention is given to support the children and their educational efforts.

Alpaca trekkers visit Llullucha school

This year, Alpaca Expeditions chose the small town of Llullucha, at the base of Apu Ausangate, one of the highest snow-capped peaks of Peru. In the Ocongate region, accompanied by two of our international tourists Anna and Melissa expressed interest in connecting with the local children and providing them with a truly authentic Peruvian cultural experience. We were very excited to do this project with the children of Llullucha with teacher Chang Wagner who is directing the English and Computer programs on behalf of Alpaca Expeditions, who until then has given so much interest in learning of the students of the school of LLullucha, It goes without saying that times have changed, and that the parents of these communities want to see their children have some of the opportunities offered to the people of the largest cities. So on July 26, we embarked on this community to have a unique experience and that our passengers can see these children on their own and confirm that they are already learning to master the English language and the computer course , we were greeted with a beautiful ceremony full of drums and flutes played by the children’s parents; they sang the national anthem of Peru in Quechua (mother tongue), as a sign of pride for their land in the same way we made dynamics that helped us to live this day with these little children from the initial grade, to the sixth grade, and then ready to give delivery of the school supplies we had brought for them, having finished the delivery, and about to return to the city of Cusco, the parents surprised us with a rich Cuy al Horno which is a typical dish of the area. Grateful for such beautiful hospitality of children and parents and eager to stay in that place both for the people and the family atmosphere that they felt.


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