Matinga - Ccorao visit Sacred Salley Second Group

Matinga – Ccorao visit Sacred Salley Second Group

We left at seven in the morning to go to the small town of Matinga – CCorao, where our second group of local children was waiting for their adventure. As is typical in remote Andean villages, the scenery took on a formal air, and all were very cheerful. Everyone was so excited to have this opportunity that Alpaca Expeditions offers each week through our Social Projects initiative, called Cultural Sundays. We take them to different places that they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to visit. The very same archeological sites that have made their country of Peru so famous.

Our guide, Ingrid, introduced us to the incredible history of Cusco. We boarded the bus once more for the beautiful one-hour journey through the winding roads to the Sacred Valley and the ruins of Pisaq. The children ran to the site to witness the majesty of this fascinating place. Then we went up to the highest part of the complex where we sat down to rest for a while where they asked many great questions. They were such a dynamic group and so full of curiosity! At the end of our guided tour and talk on-site, we decided to give the children some free time to explore in smaller groups of 5. Our guide interacted very well with the children explaining this archeological site and creating a sense of cultural value in our small group of students. After our short break, we continued our journey and headed to Urubamba to enjoy a delicious lunch where they felt more comfortable and started making jokes. We boarded the bus again and headed to Ollantaytambo the only Inca town that remains inhabited. It’s stone streets preserve the Inca architecture combined with temples and colonial squares. The children were able to learn a lot about their culture and history in this city. We had completed the tour, and the children were ready to return to the bus. On the way home, they wanted to play games and talk about everything they had learned. It was time for us to say Goodbye, but we were happy to be part of this great project!


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