Micaela Bastidas School Ocongate visited South valley

Micaela Bastidas School Ocongate visited South valley

Cultural Sundays by Alpaca Expeditions

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela


At 3,600 m, there is an extremely cold region where people are accustomed to the harsh conditions. Men wearing their knee-length trousers and women with their skirts and monteras (hats), along with with their local language undoubtedly draws the attention for whoever sees it. Likewise, this town is complemented by the archaeological centers we have in Cusco despite a significant distance that exists between both places.

  • Language: Quechua
  • District of: Ocongate
  • Province: Quispicanchi

Alpaca Expeditions is fulfilling its primary objective of supporting our remote communities by reinvesting in them. We offer a tour for a full day in the destinations of Piquillaqta and Tipón better known as the South Valley route, along with our guide Walter Solís who spoke in his native Quechua language. This was also an important part of their culture and native heritage. Our group left at 6:00 AM for the educational center with an entertaining trip full of beautiful songs. We had breakfast in the town of Urcos before we started our journey.

As part of the enormous cultural wealth that Cusco has, known mainly for its Inca past and its emblematic heritage of Machu Picchu; Piquillacta stands out as one of the best preserved pre-Inca citadels in Peru. Our group of children from the school “Micaela Bastidas” was very impressed by what the city was like with its archaeological structure and learning how it played a role as an administrative, economic, religious, and political center.

This excursion called “Valle Sur!” was exceptional because of the excellent center dedicated to water, and showing how the Incas managed their water wealth.

Our guide interacted very well with the children in explaining this archaeological site and creating a sense of cultural value in our small group of students.

Our group returned at 6:00 PM to their educational center where their parents waited for their arrival. We were so grateful for sharing such a beautiful experience with the children of the 5th grade class of Primary School “Micaela Bastidas”.



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