Cultural trip to promote 6th grade primary school

Cultural trip to promote 6th grade primary school

The students of IE LA SALLE DE SAHUAYACO, including their parents and teachers, were given a three-day tour. They were a very active group and eager to know about our history. We began our journey with our guide on October 4 with the route of Maras Moray. There, our guide Osman explained that the Incas built thousands of platforms for the cultivation of various products, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, quinoa, and more. Perhaps the most beautiful of all was Moray, a circular system of platforms that survives to this day. Nearby, there are some natural salt wells formed thousands of years ago. This place is called the salt mines of Maras and, together with Moray, are two of the most popular tourist attractions in Cusco. Once the guided tour is over, we went to the hotel to rest from the strenuous trip they had. It was early in the morning on October 5, and our group was almost ready to start the day. The group was so excited to learn about the Sacred Valley of the Incas, which is a place with beautiful mountains and colorful fields that captivate everyone who sees these beautiful lands. The Urubamba River or Vilcanota is a significant water source for the valley. The Incas managed it, as well as its mountains and springs.

Our guide told us the Inca built in the high parts to show their power and dominion over the Quechua people. Afterward, we left on the bus and started our journey to our destination. Our first stop was in Chinchero, which is about 40 minutes from Cusco. We started at the archaeology center learning how Tupac Inca Yupanqui chose Chinchero as his home. He ordered the construction of beautiful palaces to be used by him and his PANACA (family). Imagining the history that this place kept, we headed to our next destination of Pisac. Located in the eastern end of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the Pisac Archaeological Park is one of the best Inca complexes in Peru. Located on the way up the mountain slope, and just beyond the town. While our bus was on its way, our group began to sing. Our group was especially happy, and as we arrived, the children ran to take photos and listen to the guide. We all got back on the bus and went to lunch with our guide. It was a restaurant where they served us a buffet lunch, and we eat until we were full. We were finally ready to visit our next destination Ollantaytambo, the mystical place with a great history. Once we arrived, our group was able to learn all that location had to offer.

Our guide answered each of the questions we had. Once we had finished, we got back and went to the train station. There we were all ready to board our train for Aguas Calientes.

On Sunday, October 6, and our group was excited about a new adventure. We all got on the bus for Machu Picchu at 8 AM. Our guide told us the story of its history as if we were living it. We all agreed this was one of the best trips we have done and a great experience that would remain with us always.



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