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Travelling and trekking along the mountains is one of the best activities in the World. Connecting with nature and conquering your own limits to get to the highest points of the creation can’t be beat by anything.
But this activity needs to be supported by professionals and for that same reason we have our professional trekking guides.
People who know all of the secrets of the land, the best way to trek and also tons of information about every site visited.

The Alpaca Expeditions guides are 100% local. From different villages and communities from Cusco. They mastered the craft of leading groups through the most beautiful places and over the highest elevations without losing any bit of information and any tip to make the hiking more enjoyable.
Our guides have graduated in Tourism and passed tests to be able to guide along the treks like the Inca Trail, Salkantay, to mention a few.
All of them will lead your group from beginning to end. The whole journey will be alongside your guides. Every group counts with one guide and if the group is bigger than 8 people there will be 2. They are in charge of the team from the hotel pick up to the hotel drop off.

Your guides are able to communicate in both English and Spanish. Quechua is their main language and they will be more than happy to help translating your words towards the porters and also teaching you some of our ancient language.
An Alpaca Expeditions’ guide knows everything about the path, knows how to manage the cold weather impact on their hikers, knows about all the flora and fauna along the experience, are the best talkers, no team will be bored with our guide and also are amazing photographers. Know all of the best spots to get the best pic at the best time.

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Alpaca Expeditions was founded under the same philosophy of work it’s followed now. Equality and fair treatment to each member of the team. This way of working led us to be the first company in Cusco to have female guides leading the groups. A practice not popular at all in Cusco but needed. Reason why we started a whole project to empower women to become leading guides, trekking chefs and also porters for the Inca Trail.
We could spend all day talking about our team. About the desire of Lourdes to become a guide. How Luz decided to be at the mountains working as a guide like his husband. Anita being one of the best trekking chefs and also with the dream of becoming a guide. Just a few of so many great stories we were able to witness thanks to our program.

A lot of stories our guides will share with you. You will become a new member of the Green Machine family and will enjoy an experience you will never forget.

Yes, all of our guide’s services are included in your price. Your guide will be with you from the briefing session to the final drop off after the experience.

If your group is from 2 to 8 people there will be a leading guide. Once the group is bigger than 8 people. 2 guides will be required to take care of the whole group.

No, our guides are experts on Machu Picchu guiding. They will provide all the best information and also the best time since you already know them and enjoyed a whole trek together.

Yes, our guides live in Cusco which give them the chance to exchange money if needed. They will be very happy to get this courtesy from you.

Yes, it happens a lot. If you are travelling by recommendation of a family member or friend and tell you to request a specific guide, feel free to do it. We will be more than happy to make it happen.

Before starting our services we trained our whole team to follow all the needed safety protocols against COVID-19. This is something we take a lot of care of since it will protect our clients and also our staff and their families. We got the Safe Travels stamp as proof of our commitment to health.

Every February (Low season in Cusco). We train our guides to improve their skills. These classes last for 3 or 4 days to cover all the topics a guide needs to know such as: First Aid, paramedic skills, geography, history, architecture, biology, to mention a few.

Our guides are (in our clients’ words) walking encyclopedias and we can’t be prouder.


Our goal at Alpaca Expeditions is to create the best experience for all of our clients. We create journeys that are to be remembered for a lifetime. Journeys you can be proud of and can share with everybody around you.

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