Cusco City Tour Explores the Rich History of Incan Empire

A visit to Peru should include unique tours that cover major points of interest and landmarks.  If you’re traveling to Peru and want to experience as much of the area’s history as you can, then visit the center of Inca history by taking a Cusco City tour.  Cusco boasts a beautiful cathedral, ancient, Inca-built streets, and enough history to satisfy any traveler.

Discover Fascinating Inca History on Your Cusco City Tour

While everyone comes to Cusco to visit Machu Picchu, the city itself is worth a deeper look. The city was once the capital of the Inca Empire and still contains some of the most famous and important ruins that can be visited with a half day tour provided by Alpaca Expeditions.

Starting from your hotel, we will guide you to the Plaza de Armas. An important ceremonial site that has evolved over the years, the Plaza was once used for Inca festivals. Following the Spanish conquest, the plaza became the center of the city. Located in the plaza is the famous Cusco Cathedral. Featuring magnificent carved wood both inside and out, the cathedral is a favorite destination for anyone who comes to the area.

Next, you will walk to Q’oricancha: the Temple of the Sun. Formerly a temple dedicated to the Inca Sun god, a splendid Spanish church now sits on the ruins. Visitors will marvel at the differences between the two cultures’ architectural accomplishments.

This tour continues to the Inca site of Sacsayhuaman. A 25-minute bus ride transports you to this impressive fortress built by the Incas. Tens of thousands of laborers constructed the walls with huge blocks: some of the blocks weigh more than 100 tons.  After you hear the history and details of the fortress from your guide, you can enjoy exploring this amazing site on your own.  Later, take a short bus ride and you’ll arrive at the striking Incan altars of Q’enco in the Sacred Valley.

The last two stops are Puca Pucara (a military ruin) and Tambomachay (a water temple with impressive water fountains thought to be used by the Inca for bathing). Finally, you’ll be driven back to Cusco and can then reflect on the entirety of your incredible adventure. Perfect for visitors of all ages, this guided tour has so much to offer. Contact us today to learn more about our Cusco City Tour!


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