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As many of you know, we have a community page that allows upcoming Alpaca Expeditions trekkers talk to past trekkers and get amazing advice from those who have walked the Andean trails. A popular question is always about what to pack.

For this issue of You Asked, They Answered the question is: Any suggestions on things to carry that are not on the Alpaca Expeditions Packing List.

From Emily
As little as possible!! I sooo overpacked and it was not fun. One suggestion that I would have though, is getting jumbo ziplocks and packing each days clothes. Obviously you will repeat some parts of the outfit, but it was the way to go. Also, bring a book for bedtime if you like to read. I did ready. Just make it a small paperback!

From Cheri
A couple of trekkers recommended taking and extra set of shoe laces. I recommend taking a small roll of duct tape. It fixes everything 🙂

From Devann
I got this bug repellent:

Coleman 100 Max DEET Insect Repellent Mosquito & Tick Spray Pump, 4-Ounce (98.11%)…/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_3qHWybRZA7VT1

From Dennis
This is on the list, but really important – do not forget a headlamp.

From Kasha
Spare camera batteries & SD card! We took a LOT of photos. And Tylenol.

From Saskia
Thermal underwear if you’re hiking in July, a nice warm scarf, 2 pairs of hiking socks, spare batteries for your headlamp, after sun lotion (they don’t sell it on the trail) a small travel towel and definitely hiking poles! i only needed 1 pair of pants, no sandals or other shoes, no snacks (the Alpaca food is great!!!) and i can highly recommend wet wipes instead of toilet paper.

From Amanda
Body wipes and dry shampoo.


This list will continue to grow…keep checking back as a reference. Don’t forget to join the Alpaca Community to connect to past and future visitors to Peru.



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