Choquekiraw & Machu Picchu 8D/7N

Trip Overview

Tour Type: Hiking, camping, adventure, history, culture
Good For: Experienced hikers, in good shape
Difficulty: Challenging


$1050USD Per person, when booking with 2 people

$950USD Per person, when booking with 3-4 people

$890USD Per person, when booking with 5 or more people

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This trek combines the mysteries of Choquekiraw with the wonder of Machu Picchu. It's a long hike, but the best way to see two of the largest, most unique Inca ruins in the same trek.

Some people joke that Choqueqiraw is the other Machu Picchu, but it stands by itself as another example of how incredible the Incas were at using their resources to build and to live. Choqueqiraw was one of the places where the Incas used to celebrate rituals for the mountains and for agriculture. Trekking to Choqueqiraw and Machu Picchu will take you 7 days along the Inca Trail visiting other smaller Inca ruins and walking through the most beautiful mountain ranges. Walking through the Vilcabamba mountain range will offer you amazing views of snow-capped mountains, valleys, flora and fauna. You walk through cloud forests, along rivers and waterfalls. Each night you can sit by the fire at your camp site and each morning you will wake up to perfect sunrises. Choqueqiraw truly is the lost city of the Incas. It is spectacular in beauty and size and is not overwhelmed with tourists like Machu Picchu. 

Rainbow Mountain Hike – 1 Day

The Journey is the Destination

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