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See a glimpse of what makes this experience so special

  • 4 Days/3 Nights

  • 42 KM/26 Miles

  • Climb to 4215 m (13,828 ft)

  • 8 Different Inca Ruins along the way

** 2, 5 and 7 Day Trek Options Available


100% LOCAL













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Check the Classic 4-Day Inca Trail availability for 2021

The Inca Trail

The Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu is considered to be one of the most amazing hikes in the world! This historically renowned trail was built approximately 900 years ago by the Incas to connect their capital city of Cusco to the Sacred Citadel of Machu Picchu. Today tourists start their hike from KM82, which is located along the railway leading to the town just south of Machu Picchu, Aguas Calientes. This challenging hike offers trekkers incredible vistas of the Andes as they travel the total distance of 45km /26 miles.

Understandably, access to the Inca Trail is extremely regulated by the Peruvian government. Entrance to the trail is restricted by a permit process and only 500 permits are issued per day. Everybody entering the trail, trekkers and trekking staff, needs a permit so they sell out quickly. A typical day on the trail consists of approximately 200 trekking tourists and 300 trekking staff made up of guides, chef’s and porters.



  • When do i need to book this Hike Now For 2020?

    Because of the incredible demand for access to the Inca Trail, booking at least 6 months to a year before is imperative. We are constantly receiving requests for bookings right up until the day permits are released, which is normally the first week of October.

  • Why book before permits are Released?

    Organized companies like Alpaca Expeditions make sure they have all updated information for their clients ready to be logged in the minutes permits are released. These permits are snatched up within days, sometimes just hours, of the release and once a date is sold out there is no option to hike that start date any longer. Any delay in this process could mean we are unable to secure your access permit to the Inca Trail.

  • Can i book at last minute?

    Although some permits are released at later dates, our experiences have taught us it is always wise to avoid last minute bookings. Because we must have all of your information correct, including your name, family names, passport number, date of birth, gender and nationality, please do not wait until the last minute and book now if you have set dates!

  • Can i do this hike without a tour provider?

    To put it simply, no!  This hike can only be booked by a fully licensed tour operator and Alpaca Expeditions is a 100% licensed and awarded company here in Cusco, Peru. We take pride in the journeys we create for our clients and we guarantee you won’t regret putting your trust in Alpaca Expeditions!.

  • How do i book this hike?

    It’s always good to talk to one of experts before you get started. But when you are ready, simply fill out the booking form found on our website and send us a deposit of $200 US per person. As soon as we receive your completed booking form and the $200 deposit per person, we will email you to confirm that you are on our list. Once permits are released from the government, our staff will confirm once again that all is set and your permits are secured for your preferred date.

    We work hard to get permits for your preferred date - in fact we normally secure 98% of the preferred dates for our customers.  However we ask that you also give us at least 2 alternative dates just in case we are unable to secure permits for your preferred date. This ensures we can still get permits for you and make sure you can experience the Inka Trail!

Ready to Book...

  • What personal information do i need to book this hike?

    We need your personal details as they match your passport. Full name as written in your passport, passport number, date of birth, nationality and gender. If you are renewing your passport, we will book with your old passport number (or license number) and we will update once your new passport arrives. Further details are written below.

  • I don’t have my passport yet, how do i book? or my passport will expire before my hike, what do i do now?

    You can book this hike with your current passport and when you obtain your new passport  you simply need to take photos of both your old and new passports then email us those photos at and we will update your permit information at the government office. If you are still in the process of obtaining your passport, you can still book with your drivers license information and when you obtain your new passport then simply email us a photo of both your new passport and your drivers license and we will update your permit information at the government office.

  • How big are the groups in 2020?

    Our groups sizes are normally between 8-10 people, although our minimum size is 2 and maximum is 16. We prefer to lead smaller groups which allows us to provide more personalized services. Hiking with smaller groups is often more comfortable for our clients and it allows you to get to know your fellow hikers better as well.

  • Can i book a private tour?

    YES, absolutely! A private tour means that you will have your own personal guide, porters, chef, dining tent and toilet tent during the tour.  However, you may not be camping or hiking completely alone at all times as there may be other groups camping and hiking the trail as well.

  • After i book this trail, can i change the starting date?

    You can absolutely change your starting date before the permits are issued at no extra charge. HOWEVER, after the permit has been obtained on your behalf it is not possible to change the start date or to pass the permit to someone else. Permit dates and personal information cannot be changed once they have been issued.

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Professional Guides
All of our guides studied English and tourism at Cusco National University. They all grew up in this region and have a true passion to teach others about their heritage. They are fun yet professional and will ensure you are safe and happy.

As soon as we receive your details and a deposit, we will purchase your permits (pending availability, check our Inca Trail Availability link). These permits are for a specific date and in your name. They can’t be changed, once confirmed. Only your passport number is allowed to be updated. The permit includes an entrance to Machu Picchu.

The night before your trek, you will come to our office for your briefing. You will receive your duffel bag that will stay with your porters, while you hike. This bag should not exceed 7kg/14 lbs and does need to include your sleeping bag and air mattress.

We include a personal porter, who is responsible for carrying your duffel bag. There is no additional fee for this. You will not have access to your duffel bag until your evening campsite.

All your transportation is included in this trek. You will be picked up directly from your hotel around 4 a.m. (unless you are staying in Ollantaytambo) and brought to KM 82, to begin your trek. The train back from Aguas Calientes is included. This is Expedition class but can be upgraded to the Vistadome train for $75 per person. Once you arrive at the train station, you will be brought back to your hotel in Cusco. Your bus down ticket from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu is also included.

Alpaca Expeditions has the best equipment. We use Eureka Timberline 4 tents that are shared by only two people. You will have a spacious dining tent to enjoy your meals in.

The Alpaca Expeditions chefs cook delicious meals that many previous trekkers have raved about. We honor all food restrictions. Be sure to remind your tour guide of any food restrictions at the beginning of your trek. Food is typically served family-style.

You will enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner each day of the trek, along with a happy hour of tea and snacks. You will also be provided a snack each morning, for you to enjoy along the hike. Your last meal with your chef will be after breakfast on day four. Lunch the last day is not included.

Beginning from your first lunch until your last breakfast, Alpaca Expeditions will supply all the water needed. This water will be boiled, filtered and then cooled, before distributing. You must supply your own water bottles or camel back. We recommend carrying about 3L worth. We will refill our waters at each meal.

First Aid
Every Alpaca Expeditions guide has received training in first aid from a physician. We conduct mandatory training sessions every February, which every single Alpaca tour guide must attend. Your tour guide will always have a first-aid kit for basic medical problems (traveler’s diarrhea, cuts, scrapes, etc.) and oxygen. We will get you off the trail as quickly and comfortably as possible, if needed, and ensure you get directly to a clinic for treatment.

We believe it's the attention to small details that separates us from other tour companies. Every trekker receives a small pillow to sleep with, a foam mattress for insulation, a day pack cover to protect their things while hiking and a rain poncho. We will work hard to create your best vacation.

Satellite Phones
Our top priority will always be the safety of our clients and our team. While we are prepared and all our guides are trained for most of the issues clients have on the mountain, being a phone call away from any doctor, hospital or friend helps everyone feel assured that they are safe. Radios, which all our guides have, are limited in how far they can reach, so Alpaca Expeditions has added Satellite Phones to every trek. Every guide will have a fully charged phone that can be used anywhere on the mountain to connect us anywhere in the world. And they can be used by our clients for non-emergencies as well. While they are not cheap to use, they are available just in case you need to check in on the puppy you left at home with grandma.

Taxes and Fees
All taxes and permit fees associated with this trek are included in the listed price. 

Not Included

Every trekker needs a sleeping bag, when camping. Inflatable air mattresses and walking sticks (with rubber tips) are optional, but encouraged. If you don’t want to bring any of the above, they are all available for rent:

Sleeping Bag: $20
Inflatable Air Mattress: $15
Walking Sticks (Pair): $15

Huayna Picchu
Huayna Picchu is the mountain that stands next to Machu Picchu. It is a 45 minute hike to the top. Going back down is quite steep, if you are scared of heights. This is done after your tour of Machu Picchu. The cost is $75. Arrangements need to be made at least one month in advance, due to popularity. Please understand that weather is out of our control.



"The Journey is the Destination"

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