Things to do in Cusco

Things to do
in Cusco

Cusco quickly became the touristic city by excellence. This happened even before Machu Picchu got recognized as a World Wonder.
As the capital of the Inca empire, Cusco kept the charm that the Incas found here to make it their most important city and at the moment keeps on being one of the most beautiful cities in South America.
Cusco can amaze and wonder every kind of person due to the amount of activities that can be done based on the tourist likes, trekking, city touring, gastronomical touring, night live, Cusco has it all!

Of course Machu Picchu is the highlight when travelling to Cusco. Witnessing the World Wonder is on everybody’s bucket list.
No trip to Peru is complete without a tour to Machu Picchu, the majestic, ancient city of the Inca Empire. Learn all about the Inca’s rich history as you explore the hills of Cusco. Soak in the wonders of the Sacred Valley and meander through the multitude of historical sites, museums, ruins and markets. Let one of our local guides lead you along a historic trail as you savor the surrounding beauty and learn all about the area.

See the Heart of Peru with a Tour to Machu Picchu

Our comprehensive 7-day itinerary is perfect for all ages. First, you will be guided through the incredible city of Lima. Next, you will be taken to bustling Cusco and the Inca ruins that surround this amazing city. Finally, you will be able to roam the Sacred Valley and see Machu Picchu. Your trip is an adventure that many wait a lifetime to experience.

There are so many things to see and learn on your tour to Machu Picchu. However, if you do not have the right person to guide you, you may miss something! Our guides don’t want you to miss out on your chance to see anything when you are exploring the 7th Wonder of the World. Therefore, as you travel, do not be afraid to ask your dedicated tour guide any questions you may have. They will be delighted to shed some light on your experience.

Why Choose Alpaca Expeditions to Guide Your Tour to Machu Picchu?

Our friendly and helpful guides are local to the area and extremely knowledgeable about the rich history of the Inca Empire. Plus, the guides have a lot of experience leading tourists through Machu Picchu. These experts show their groups everything that this magnificent area has to offer. There’s a reason why we are the leading tour operator in Peru. Everyone on our team goes out of their way to ensure that your journey to Peru leaves lasting memories!

Take a tour to Machu Picchu and you will have an awe-inspiring experience. We want you to savor every minute and ensure that your trip is a remarkably enjoyable one. Contact us today to find out how we can arrange your tour to Machu Picchu, one of America’s oldest cities!

Alpaca Expeditions will operate the best treks and tours the city has to offer but also want to show you the things you can do in your spare time, the secrets that can make your Cusco visit the highlight of your whole vacation.

Things to Do in Cusco (Other Than Machu Picchu)

Mysterious and visually stunning, seeing the well-preserved Inca city of Machu Picchu is a trip of a lifetime. But a trip to this beautiful part of Peru shouldn’t only be about seeing Machu Picchu. Here are five things to do in Cusco other than to visit the famous Machu Picchu.


Travelling by train is an amazing way to see Peru. The most convenient way to get to Aguas Calientes, the community at the foot of the mountain upon which Machu Picchu is perched, is to hop on a train. It’s an unforgettable experience—picture the fast-flowing Urubamba River with its green embankments, craggy peaks of the Andes mountains high above, and Inca ruins spotting the countryside. Opt for a late afternoon itinerary to catch the sunset and get an early start at Machu Picchu the next morning. Most trains leave/arrive at Ollantaytambo which is well worth a visit. Ollantaytambo is the starting point for the Inca Trail and has Inca ruins of its own. Insider Tip: Land a seat on the left hand side of the train to Aguas Calientes and on the right on the way back; you’ll get the best views from the train’s panoramic windows. And be sure to buy your ticket to Machu Picchu before you book your train trip as tickets to Machu Picchu are limited and can sell out.


Being let off a bus at the entrance can make you feel like you missed out on the adventure of hiking the Inca Trail. If you want to earn your visit to the Inca city but don’t have three days to spend on the trail, opt to hike Huaynapicchu, sometimes called Wayna Picchu, the sugarloaf mountain that towers above Machu Picchu. This arduous, vertiginous hike up a steep, narrow set of Inca-carved stairs takes between 2 and 3 hours roundtrip. Only 400 people are allowed up Huayna Picchu per day at two entrance times (7-8 am and 10-11 am) and admission must be purchased at the same time as your entrance ticket to Machu Picchu. Note: you must buy your Machu Picchu plus Huayna Picchu ticket at the same time, you cannot add on Huaynapicchu later. If you plan to hike Huaynapicchu, book tickets ahead of time. Aside from the impressive quad burn that says you’ve been there, done that, you’ll get an amazing new perspective on Machu Picchu from the various mirados (landings) along the trail.

Insider Tip:

Treat Huayna Picchu like any other day hike and bring water and snacks but don’t overburden your pack. Take it slow due to the altitude. Wear hiking boots, sunscreen, and a hat and dress in layers as mornings can be chilly but the afternoon sun is unrelenting and there is very little shade. Most importantly, don’t forget your camera.


Bring your passport with you to Machu Picchu—they’ll stamp your passport once you descend Huayna Picchu and one when you leave Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu mountain

also offers amazing views – the best view during beautiful weather. This hike is 1.5 hours to the top and higher than Huayna Picchu. This can be done anytime as long as you start before 11 AM and availability is typically not an issue.

If you have arranged with our office to have tickets, once your tour of the ruins are over, your guide will show you where to begin. This hike is typically done on your own (without the guide) unless you requested assistance. The permit for Huayna Picchu is $75 per person to hike unless you are doing one of our Inca Trail treks.

Unfortunately, if you are trekking the Inca Trail, no matter how long of a trek you chose, it will be $75 per person to climb Huayna Picchu. Why so much more for Inca Trail trekkers? When we purchase your permit for the Inca Trail, the permit includes entry to Machu Picchu. You don’t need a physical ticket into the Lost City of the Incas. But Huayna Picchu can only be purchased with an entrance ticket, forcing us to purchase an additional entry into the ruins to obtain this permit. This is something required by the Park office and not something done by Alpaca.

When choosing to purchase this extra hike, please remember that it is challenging, and quite steep. While the views are extraordinary, they are similar to the Sun Gate which is free to access. Also remember that we do not control the weather and if it’s cloudy, your view will be affected. But if you choose to do this hike, and the weather cooperates, you will have your Facebook profile photo for life – the views are incredible.

Please let us know if you have any further questions about Huayna Picchu, Machu Picchu mountain or the Sun Gate.

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