Tips for Hiking the Inca Trail

Hiking the Inca Trail is often one of the things in many individuals’ bucket lists, and that is why it is wise to understand some of the best ways to approach hiking the Inca trail. Most people love hiking the Inca trail because they like walking in the footsteps of history and enjoy the view. So, some of the tips for hiking the Inca Trail are below, and you should heed them while planning your trip.

What to Do When Hiking the Inca Trail

When it comes to packing, ensure you are careful with the items you include in your list. First, read carefully to know what the outfitter is going to offer you. This is to avoid a situation where you carry snacks that are wasted since your company may offer you great meals and a daily lunch bag. Some of the things to include in your list are:

  • Electronics – These include camera, charger, batteries, and flashlight
  • Documents – You can carry a diary and pen, money (just in case), insurance card and passport
  • Medicine – You cannot predict what happens while there and it is good to be safe. Carry knee braces, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, bandage and compression stockings
  • Clothes – Include in your list a rain jacket and pants, t-shirt, towel, a hat, sunglasses, socks, sports bras and a rain poncho
  • Toiletries – Including a deodorant, brush, toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper and other items you may need.

Choose to Go with a Trustworthy Company

Pick a company with professional, attentive, and fun guides. The company you go with highly determines whether you are going to have fun or you will start wishing you never went there in the first place. This is why we have such great reviews; our customers have chosen the right company!

General Tips for Hiking the Inca Trail

These comprise of general things to do while there to ensure that you have a fun, and safe, time:

  1. Be ready and take the time to acclimatize – You need to be willing to adjust to changes due to altitude variations. Altitude sickness is no joke, and so an adjustment is vital. You can treat these changes by drinking plenty of coca tea, stay hydrated, taking rest and if your body is resistant to these, then take medication
  2. Pace yourself – This is not a race, and therefore there is no need to rush through it. Only take the speed that you are comfortable with
  3. Hiking poles – These help you take the weight off your legs, thus making each step easier for you. They also offer you something to lean on during a break.

If you follow the above tips for hiking the Inca Trail, you will definitely have a great time and the trip of a lifetime. To plan your Peru adventure and to learn more about the hike to Machu Picchu, get in touch with Alpaca Expeditions. Alpaca Expeditions is a Peruvian travel operator with a main office in located in Cusco, Peru, and we are the top-rated tour operators of the Inca Trail.


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