Where Should I stay in Cusco?

Where Should I stay in Cusco?

There are many wonderful places to stay in Cusco, a beautiful, colonial Inca city to explore and the gateway to Machu Picchu. With well over a million visitors per year and many lively festivals, the city of about half a million people can get crowded! We created this guide to help you choose accommodation that meets your travel budget and lifestyle so you can save your energy for the great treks ahead of you.

Many of our hotel suggestions are on lovely, central pedestrian streets and are also easily accessible for us to pick you up for your trekking adventure. At Alpaca Expeditions, we go ´all out´ to ensure that you have a worry-free, memorable experience traveling and trekking with us. We are also here to help you smooth out any potential issues that may arise along the way. Below is some useful information on our accommodation services and recommendations.


Cusco is a safe and lively city. Our Mayor has provided for a large police force, including a special force called “Policia Turistica” (Tourist Police), that ensure a high security standard for people visiting our city. However, sometimes issues pop up in developing countries like Peru that you should be aware of such as pick-pocketing, stolen bags, or taxi drivers that cannot be trusted. Alpaca Expeditions wants to ensure that you avoid these problems and for this reason we are now offering to pick our trekkers up from their hotels. Prior to your trek, we will give you a briefing at our office, at which time we will schedule your pick up time for the morning your trek begins. Here are our basic guidelines:

Inka Trail 4D/3N pick up will be at 4:15 to 4:30 am

Inka Trail 5D/4N pick up will be at 5:00 to 5:15 am

Salkantay Trek 5D/4N OR 4D/3N pick up will be at 4:15 to 4:30 am

Lares Trek 4D/3N pick up will be at 5:00 to 5:15 am

Inka Trail 2D/1N CAMPING OR HOTELS pick up will be at 3:50 to 4:00 am

Other tour departures can be found on our website or will be confirmed by our front desk staff during your check-in while you are in Cusco.

  • PURPLE: $200 or more a night
  • BLUE: $100-$200 a night
  • TURQUOISE: $75-$100 a night
  • ORANGE: $40-$75 a night
  • YELLOW: Below $40 a night


After hiking for days and getting up very early to catch mystical Machu Picchu before the clouds burn off and the day tourists arrive, plus the 4-hour return trip from Machu Picchu to Cusco, you will definitely be tired and ready for a hot shower and comfortable bed! As an ancient, historical city, Cusco has many narrow streets, lots of stone stairs, and many areas inaccessible by motor vehicles. The main Plaza de Armas is often closed to vehicle traffic as well. This is part of the city´s charm but it also makes it difficult for cars and buses to navigate. As you can imagine, this complicates dropping people off at hotels.

We know that you want to reach your home-sweet-home away from home as quickly and directly as possible. In order to make Hotel Pick-Up and Drop-Off as smooth as possible, we highly recommend that you choose one of the hotels or hostels shown on the map and table which have good vehicle access to ensure smooth and fast pick-ups and drop-offs by our services. If you choose accommodation that is not on this list, we can pick you up at a pre-arranged location, perhaps a few blocks from where you are staying, and you will have to get there with your packs and/or luggage.

Alpaca Expeditions recommends that you stay in the same hotel before and after your trek. All the hotels in Cusco know that there is a high likelihood their guests will go to Machu Picchu or on another trek, and that there is a weight allowance limit on the trains and treks. Hotels will offer to store your larger bags during your trek. So returning to the same hotel makes a lot of sense, since your extra luggage will be there waiting for you upon your return.


Hilton Garden Inn Hotel star-4
Rumi Punku Hotel star-3
Casa Andina Hotel star-3
JW Marriott Hotel star-5
Selina Hotel Plaza star-3
San Agustin el Dorado Hotel star-3
Xima Hotel star-3
Andean Wings Boutique Hotel Hotel star-3
Terra Andina Hotel Hotel star-3
Union Hotel star-3
El Mercado Hotel star-4
Niños Hotel star-2
Palacio Del Inca Hotel star-5
Marqueses Hotel star-3
Tierra Viva Centro Hotel star-3
Costa Del Sol Ramada Hotel star-4
Cusco Plaza Hotel Hotel star-3
Ruinas Hotel star-3
Sonesta Hotel star-4
Loreto Hotel star-3
Hostel Loki
Hostel Intro
Hostel Dragonfly
Hostel Pirwa
Hostel Pariwana
Hostel Amaru Hostal I
Hostel Atawkama Hostel
Hostel Ecopackers
Hostel Kokopeli
Hostel Flying Dog
Hostel Hitchhikers Cusco Hostel
Hostel Mama Simona Hostel


Where Do I Retrieve My Luggage After My Trek?

Your train from Machu Picchu town (Aguas Calientes) will arrive to the town of Ollantyatambo. As soon as you get off the train, you will exit the train station and a representative from Alpaca Expeditions will take you to our bus or van. It is a two hour drive to Cusco and our final destination is PLAZA SAN FRANCISCO where our staff will be waiting with your luggage. Since larger buses are not allowed in the city center, you will be transfered to one of our smaller vans to drop you off at your hotel.

What Happens if I Want to Stay in the Sacred Valley Before or After My Trek?

We only recommend that you stay in the Sacred Valley if you are on one of the 2, 4 or 5-day Inca Trail treks. Our other treks veer off in other directions and it does not make sense to start them in the Sacred Valley, so we recommend that you plan to stay in Cusco the night before your trek starts.

Alpaca Expeditions can pick you up for your Inka Trail trek from Urubamba, Yanahuara or Ollantaytambo. Please note that before going to the Sacred Valley, you Will need to stop by our office in Cusco to pay your final balance due, review your booking and any equipment rentals with our front desk staff, and pick up your duffle bags to pack your 7 kg for our Inka Trail porters to carry for you while on your trek.

What Happens with my Luggage if I Start from the Sacred Valley?

The moment your guide meets you to start the trek you will give him your packed duffel bag and after the trek and your visit to Machu Picchu, he will deliver it back to Cusco and it will be waiting for you once you arrive back to Cusco.

What Happens with my Luggage if I’m Starting in Cusco but I’m Staying in the Sacred Valley Immediately After my Trek?

No problem at all! When our guide picks you up from your hotel to start your trek, give him your luggage. Alpaca Expeditions will deliver your luggage to your hotel in the Sacred Valley at no additional cost to you and it will be there waiting for you when you arrive.

Do I Need to Bring my Items for Storage or my Pack Items to be Carried During my Trek to the Briefing at your Office in Cusco?

No, you don’t need to bring anything to the briefing. You will give your luggage for stored to your guide when he meets you in the morning of your departure day for your trek/trip. At the briefing you will receive your duffle bags for the trek and other trek information.

What Happens with my Duffle Bag after the Hike?

The last night of the hike, your guide will provide small sacks where you will pack your clothes and put them into your duffel bags. Then you will take them with you in the train and Alpaca Expeditions bus back to your final destination (usually Cusco). When you arrive in San Francisco Plaza in Cusco, you will take the sacks with your clothes and you will return the duffle bags back to us.

Can I Leave my Duffle Bag at my Hotel Front Desk?

No, unfortunately hotel front desk staff have not been very good at ensuring that they return our duffle bags, so we cannot allow them to be left with the hotels.

Can I Bring my Duffle Bag to the Office the Next Day?

Yes, if for any reason you feel you need to take our duffle bag back to your hotel with you, just let your guide know and bring it to our office the next day. Note that the office is closed on Sundays.

What Happens with my Duffle Bag if I’m Staying an Extra Night in Machu Picchu Town (Aguas Calientes) after Machu Picchu?

No worries, you can keep the duffle bag until you arrive back in Cusco where you can return it to our Alpaca staff before being dropped off at your hotel. Also, if you left your luggage with us for storage during your trek, we will return it to you on this day.

Alpaca Expeditions wants to provide the best possible accommodation and luggage services and recommendations to you so you can have an experience-of-a-lifetime during your trek with us!

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