Why the Inca Trail Allows Only 500 People Per Day


Why the Inca Trail Allows Only 500 People Per Day

Machu Picchu is one of the most sought-after hikes in the entire world. People travel from all over the globe to see this national point of pride. So, why has the Peruvian government placed a limit on the number of people who can experience the Inca Trail each day?

Why Limits Are Necessary

Rediscovered in 1911, Machu Picchu was eventually declared a Unesco world heritage site in 1983. The Inca Trail, measuring 26 miles, offers a unique chance to visit another time. Adventurers can drink in the natural beauty of Peru on the Machu Picchu hike while roaming the ancient ruins. But in 2000, the government of Peru chose to limit the number of daily visitors to the Inca Trail to 500 people. This was done in an attempt to halt fears of erosion. Japanese geologists, studying the area’s land movement, announced that it was in serious danger of collapse. Their fears of a devastating landslide destroying the country’s main attraction led the government to enact the first-ever limit for the Inca Trail.

Don’t Miss this Amazing Experience

Since the visitor restriction has been in place, it has naturally become harder to witness the glory of Machu Picchu first-hand. To ensure you won’t miss this astounding wonder, much planning and preparation are necessary. If you plan to take the adventure, you must bear a permit from the government. Only licensed Inca Trail Tour Operators, such as Alpaca Expeditions, can obtain these permits. The limit is strictly followed and the 500 includes everyone, visitors and trail crews alike. Since tickets sell fast, you will have to start the process five or six months in advance.

Alpaca Expeditions Can Make Your Dreams a Reality

Hiking the Inca Trail is on the bucket list of people throughout the world. It would be devastating to travel to Peru and be turned away from this historic site. Alpaca Expeditions can turn your journey into the memory of a lifetime. We offer both private and group adventures for 4-, 5-, and 7-day hikes daily to Machu Picchu. After checking the calendar for availability, let our sales team help you book this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Contact us to make this dream a reality.


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