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Historically, Peruvian tour guides have been predominantly male. Females are seldom asked to take leadership roles on the mountain. However, their presence is a driving force behind many tour companies’ success thanks to the roles they play indoors. It wasn’t until recent years that women were asked to step into leadership roles outdoors. Today, you will find more women becoming tour guides and porters in Peru thanks to Alpaca Expeditions and our efforts to expand the role of females. Read on to learn more about our female guides and porters leading tours to Machu Picchu Peru.

What You Need to Know About Our Female Guides

We work hard to attract the top guides in the country to come to work for us — male and female. Because we strongly believe in female empowerment, it is our distinct pleasure to give women the opportunity to lead tours on the Inca Trail. Luckily for us they only add to our company’s success. The women-led tours offer a unique perspective. As a result, our customers often specifically request these tours.

We are happy to support female guides as they navigate their new professional careers. We are steadily increasing the number of women that we employ. These jobs lift them up, celebrate their leadership skills, and provide them with job stability and a sound source of income that they can use to support their families. Travel is a great equalizer, providing a rich experience for all who are brave enough to embark on a journey. We love that women get to be a part of these experiences on the mountain.

Experience Travel Through Peru in a Unique and Memorable Way

We invite you to experience an adventure like no other with Alpaca Expeditions on a tour to Machu Picchu Peru. The female guides and porters that lead our tours create a truly immersive experience for you to enjoy. If you want to be inspired and empower women, sign up for a tour with one of our female guides today!

We’re holding a spot for you and can’t wait for you to get to know the females that make up the tour portion of our company. We know that you’ll appreciate their experience and unique story as much as we do. Contact us right away for more information about the tour of your choice.

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