Learning About Peru

Peru is a multi-ethnic country with a population of roughly 30 million people. This South American country is located on the western side of the continent and faces the southern Pacific Ocean. The country borders Bolivia and Brazil to the east and Colombia and Ecuador to the north.

History of Peru

Peru’s history spans close to 4 millennia. It extends back through different stages of cultural development in the coastal desert and mountain region. Roughly 15,200 years ago, groups of people crossed Asia’s Bering Strait. During that time, they survived as nomads, hunters, gatherers, and fishermen.

This country gained independence from Spain in 1821. However, the nation consolidated after the Ayacucho Battle’s, three years later.

Time Zone

  • UTC/GMT -5 hours.
  • “Peru Time,” or PET.
  • No daylight savings time.

Top Tourist Destination

  • Cusco – Machu Picchu
  • Peru’s Biogeographic Bird Regions
  • Nazca Lines
  • Trujillo – Chan Chan
  • Paracas National Reserve
  • Lima, City of Kings

Top Cities

Whether you’re traveling to Peru for business or pleasure, here are the top must-visit cities:

  • Huaraz
  • Amazonas
  • Huancayo
  • Tacna
  • Lima
  • Abancay
  • Valle Sagrado
  • Huancavelica

Popular Dances

The Marinerar

The Marinera is a spin-off from the Mozamala and the Zamacueca. Today, plenty of marinera festivals are held throughout the country.

The Huayno

This is Andes’ most representative dance. One of the most impressive attributes about this dance is the fact it blends perfectly with its Western influences.

The Sikuri

This dance’s martial rhythm has its roots for the southern highland plain by the name Altiplano. Large groups take part in this dance. They form troupes that join together in big circles around musicians.

Final Thoughts

This is unquestionably one of the best and must visit countries in south America. By traveling to this country, you stand to enjoy nothing short of an incredibly memorable experience. Have you been desiring to visit the most intriguing country in the country? Peru has got you covered!

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