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Often known as the “the Inca’s Lost City,” Machu Picchu is situated in the Cusco area of Peru. One of the most remarkable prehistoric sites on the planet, Machu Picchu is the jewel of the Inca civilization and, when on a Peru holiday, it remains the country’s most trendy traveler destination. Touring with Alpaca Expeditions, who know this area inside and out, you’ll be able to take the best Machu Picchu guided tours offered anywhere.

Types of Machu Picchu Guided Tours

Machu Picchu sits at the top of numerous bucket lists, and tourists are needed to enter with an official visit guide in groups. Entry is allowed in either an afternoon or a morning time slot and is limited to around four hours. To tour the whole day, visitors must obtain two entry tickets. Those short of time often stopover at the prehistoric ruins on a day outing by train from Cusco, however, the four-day trek alongside the renowned Inca Trail is an alternative. Some multi-day tour alternatives also stopover other regional attractions, such as the Amazon rainforest and Lake Titicaca.

What to know before your Machu Picchu guided tours:

  • Macchu Pichu is a must-visit spot for adventure seekers and history lovers
  • Tickets sell out early, principally in May–September (Peruvian winter). Book your ticket ahead
  • All visitors must be accompanied by a certified guide
  • At Machu Picchu, strollers and selfie sticks are not permitted
  • The Incan ruins do not provide enough shade, so carry along a hat and sunscreen
  • Tour the rural community of Huchuy Qosqo and have a traditional lunch at a village operated and owned and restaurant
  • Meet artists in a rural community known for ceramic and adobe making and try out some of the crafts
  • Go aboard on an impressive train trip to Machu Picchu, and discover the Inca citadel with your guide.

Alpaca Expeditions is a leading company in all guided tours in Peru and Machu Picchu. If you are interested in booking one of our tours, or have any questions regarding special accommodations, then feel free to contact us.

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