achu Picchu Is a Sight Not to Be Missed

Machu Picchu is arguably the best attraction in all of Peru. A wonder of the ancient world, this mountaintop Incan ruin is a beautiful sight to behold. Although Machu Picchu is the star of the show, the trip takes travelers through the most scenic Andes Mountains by way of the Inca Trail, an experience all its own.

Trips to Machu Picchu Come with Incredible Sights

Most travelers to Machu Picchu opt to walk the Incan Trail instead of arriving by train. This trail passes through the Cloud forest, an ancient woodland filled with all sorts of exotic plants. Its foggy atmosphere makes for great photo opportunities.

As you’re hiking with your group you might catch a glimpse of the local fauna, which are as majestic as Machu Picchu itself. Aside from the llamas and alpacas, there are a plethora of birds to be spotted, like the exotic Gigat Hummingbird or the colorful Pájaro encapotado, called the cloaked bird in English. But, if you’re lucky enough, you may run across the rarest of all animals on Machu Picchu: the spectacled bear! This bear is the only ursine creature in South American proper, and spotting it should make any hiker’s day.

After the forest, travelers continue to ascend the mountain, only to find themselves facing a completely different biome: alpine tundra. It is now chilly and there is little green but the moss on the side of the mountain, but travelers are now thousands of feet above sea level, and the expanse of the mountain and the blue sky can be seen for miles. Perhaps snap a picture of a llama with the mountains in the background to have as a keepsake of this exhilarating journey.

Upon arriving at Machu Picchu after this long trek, travelers get to see just why it is so famous. Like a biblical city upon a hill, Machu Picchu stands strong and mighty. Marvel at the structures, which were built meticulously and precisely. The Temple of the Sun is often said to be the crowning glory of Machu Picchu and is a tourist favorite. See how the sunlight dances through the archaic city and realize why trips to Machu Picchu are so coveted. But don’t forget to explore the rest of the ruins!

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