Machu Picchu Should Be Your next Destination

Machu Picchu is arguably the best-known tourist destination in Peru. Ancient ruins sit atop a high peak in the Andes Mountains. Home to spectacular views, Machu Picchu is a once-in-a-lifetime destination. Built by ancient Incans thousands of years ago and then mysteriously abandoned, the ruins weren’t discovered by Western explorers until 1911.

Why Choose Machu Picchu for Your Next Trip?

The village of Machu Picchu preserves ancient Incan history. Educated guides are available to show you and your party the sights of the ruins and to describe how archaeologists believe the tribes lived. You will be awed by the breathtaking vistas atop Machu Picchu as well as the unique flora and fauna.

There are a couple of ways to reach the top of the mountain. Several different kinds of train packages, from basic to luxury, allow parties of all sizes and fitness levels access to the summit. There are multi-day train packages that include day trips to the Sacred Valley and the Temple of the Sun. You’ll enjoy safe travel and educational guides. The luxury train car includes gourmet meals and a private tour guide.

The second way to reach Machu Picchu is the better known: a multi-day hiking and camping trek up the ancient Incan paths. You’ll hike from lush forest through the cloud ceiling, and back to lush forest. This trek is not for the faint of heart, but if you have a hiking “bucket list,” then you definitely should choose Machu Picchu. These hikes are guided by experts – in fact, you won’t be able to hike up to the summit unless you are part of a permitted, guided group. But it is worth the effort: only hikers are able to enter Machu Picchu through the Sun Gate at sunrise.

In addition to the sunrise entrance, the hike along the Incan Trail affords other unique sights. Several lesser known Incan ruins sites dot the course, including the village of Patallacta. This consists of many walled houses and buildings, which can still be explored. You’ll also be able to cut a swath through ancient forests and cross precarious rope bridges. As one if the Seven Modern Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu is not to be missed.

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