Machu Picchu Trek is a Paradise for Birdwatchers

Machu Picchu has long been a dream destination for explorers and adventurers. The trek can be challenging at times, yet priceless rewards await you along the way. For bird enthusiasts, the famous Machu Picchu trek takes this already amazing experience to a whole new level. The exceptionally unique setting of the Amazonian rainforest provides once in a lifetime bird watching opportunities, making navigating the trail more than worth the effort.

Stunning and Unique Peruvian Birds

Peru is home to 1,800 species of birds, comprising almost 20% of the world’s total bird species. It also has the best climatic conditions for hosting multiple varieties of birds. Additionally, new bird species are still being discovered in Peru’s forests and mountains. As they hike through the different altitudes of the terrain, travelers on the Machu Picchu trek have the opportunity to watch these attractive birds. While trekking through the land of the Inca, hikers observe tanagers, hummingbirds, thick-billed euphonia, torrent duck, and many indigenous species which are fundamental in the ecosystems around Machu Picchu.

Many birds in Peru are characterized by immense beauty and striking colors. Find some species in lush trees and others hopping on the ground. Look for Peru’s national bird, the cock-of-the-rock. If you are lucky enough to see it perform its courtship ritual dance, it’s a fantastic display. Hopefully you can spot the Rufous-Collared Sparrow, famous for its distinct vocalizations. Additionally, observe the Band-Tailed Seedeater, which is always spotted in pairs. These are just some of the fascinating birds that the Machu Picchu trek offers. To see a great variety of these birds along with beautiful scenery, book a tour with Alpaca Expeditions.

See Gorgeous Peru With Alpaca Expeditions

Alpaca Expeditions presents a true paradise for birdwatchers via the Machu Picchu trek. With the help of our knowledgeable guides, discover unique dwelling habitats for different bird species, view large migratory birds returning from various remote parts of the world as well as species that are extinct in other countries yet flourishing along the unexplored corners of the trail. Contact us to not only discover Machu Picchu but also enjoy nature in its most diverse state.


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