Maras Moray Tour Two Sites in One

Maras Moray Tour: Two Sites in One

Peru boasts many interesting sites to see, from the famous Machu Picchu to less celebrated sites. Two of the most intriguing are the mysterious Inca ruins of Moray and the white salt flats of Maras. Take a step into Inca history with a Maras Moray tour from Alpaca Expeditions.

Fascinating Inca Structures in Moray

Moray Archaeological Center on Maras y Moray Day Trip>
Moray is a wonderful place to visit if you want to see the innovative, captivating structures that the Inca built. Stunning to behold, three bowl-shaped terraces, each getting deeper and smaller towards the center, remain at the site. Why the Inca constructed the terraces is a subject of much debate. However, experts believe that they were for agricultural purposes. The different conditions and temperatures at the various levels would be ideal for finding out the conditions for crops to grow. After exploring Moray, the tour continues to Maras for a fascinating look at the salt mines.

Salt Evaporation in Maras Continues Today

Salt Mines on the Maras Moray Half Day TripPost Magazine explains, this salt is believed to be packed with healthy minerals. Harvesting the salt is very much a family business, with a co-operative of local families sharing over 3,000 ponds. Workers keep an eye on the water levels, and when a pond evaporates in the strong sun, the crystals of salt are scraped from the bed of the pool. A tour allows you to find out more about the process of harvesting salt, and how the pools are repeatedly filled by a constant stream of water.

Maras Moray Tour from Alpaca Expeditions

Moray and Maras are very different sites. Visiting both provides an excellent overview of the region. Moray allows you to see how past civilizations worked and lived. Conversely, Maras gives you the chance to see modern people at work, producing the famous salt. You may see both as part of a longer tour, such as our Lares Trek to Machu Picchu. However, should you prefer a shorter outing, explore our Half Day Maras Moray Tour from Cusco. Whatever the case, contact us to find out more about our wide range of treks and tours.


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