Peru Tours by Train Offer Incredible Views

Peru is home to some of the oldest, most historic cities and ruins in all of South America. Proclaimed as the “richest country in the world”, Peru offers a trail of riches in the form of it’s natural and historically attractions. Machu Picchu, for example, has been called a modern world wonder and is one of the few well-preserved ruins of the Inca civilizations. One of the best ways to experience Machu Picchu is by venturing out on Peru tours by train taking you in and around this historic landmark. Alpaca Expeditions provides quality, personalized Peru tours of Machu Picchu and offer several ways for you to experience this piece of history. Here are a couple tour options available:

Machu Picchu By Train (2 Days / 1 Night)

This tour features an overnight tour by train to Machu Picchu. After being picked up from your hotel, you’ll be taken to the train station where you’ll embark on an incredible journey through snow-capped mountains and glaciers. You’ll enter tropical and subtropical areas when you finally arrive in Aguas Calientes. On day 2, you’ll venture out to Machu Picchu park, where you’ll be given a 2-hour private guided tour and uncover the hidden mysteries of this historically significant masterpiece.

Sacred Valley 2 Day and Machu Picchu (3 Days / 2 Nights)

For those wishing to take in more of the sights, this 3-day tour is a great way to experience all of the amazing sites that the Incas have created. Your tour starts as you arrive in Sacsayhuaman, which is easily the most beautiful representation of Incan culture. From there, you’ll move towards Sacred Valley, where you’ll be surrounded by alpaca farms and agriculture. On day 2, you’ll move through Marra, Moray, Chincheros until you make you’re way to your final destination, Machu Picchu. On day 3, you’ll have all day to explore the wonders of Machu Picchu with your guided tour.

When it comes to experiencing the beauty that Peru has to offer, there is no better way to do so than taking Peru tours by train. Alpaca Expeditions are rated #1 on Trip Advisor and have received glowing praise from the Peruvian community. We have the capabilities and the experience necessary to make your next Peru a magical one. To learn more about our Peru tours by train, get in touch with Alpaca Expeditions. Alpaca Expeditions is a Peruvian travel operator with a main office in located in Cusco, Peru, and we are the top-rated tour operators of the Inca Trail.


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