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One of the best parts of hiking through the Andes is the remoteness. Being on top of the mountain with just your fellow trekkers and team can help connect you to the world in a way you have never experienced before. It's amazing to be disconnected from work and any problems you left at home.

But it can also be scary. And scary for us. We have been lucky to have no real issues on any of our treks other than your general altitude sickness, and we hope that this is the only issue we have. But in case there was a true emergency, we know that our radios have limited bandwidth. The only way to connect to the world while hiking in the mountains is with satellite phones - so we just bought 50 of them.

This means that every guide going out on one of our treks will be equipped with a fully charged satellite phone. And while these are really for emergencies, we are allowing our clients to use them at any time - even if its to just tell your family you made it to the top of Dead Womans Pass.

Because of the cost of the phones and the ridiculous cost of the minutes, we ask that you only cover what we are charged, which is $2.50 per minute. This can be paid in cash in our office or through PayPal when you are done with the hike.

We are not encouraging you to stay in touch with the office or check on your worries. Being disconnected is amazing. But if it causes you anxiety, fret no more. You will now have the option to always be connected to home.


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