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Your Peru Trek is Almost Finalized!

The journey is the destination, friend, and you just took the first step.
We'll be in touch very shortly...

Woohoo! You're going trekking in Peru!

We will be in touch with you within 24 hours to confirm that your requested dates are still available. In the meantime, check out these helpful resources...

Whether you now need to plan how you're getting to Peru, or you'd like more information on what to expect once your'e here, we've put a few key links together to help you.

For all of our treks and tours we require a deposit of $200 per person, the balance is payable when you arrive to Cusco. Please note that all of our tours are priced in US currency.

We use PayPal for sending deposits, that way you can use your credit card. PayPal charges a 5.5% service fee (for the international transfer), so the total deposit per person ends up being $211 per person and should be sent to Our PayPal page can be found here.

When we receive your booking form details and deposit via PayPal, we will send you a booking invoice and confirmation that we have received your deposit and your tour has been booked.

Step by Step Instructions on Booking a Tour With Alpaca Expeditions

1. Choose how many people you are making deposits for

2. Click on our Pay Now button

3. Choose Create Account and Pay by Credit Card (Option 2)

4. Choose a User Name and Password

5. Fill in your name, address and phone number

6. Log In with your new User Name and Password

7. Be sure your details are accurate and press Pay Now

8. Be sure to submit the following Book Now form telling us which tour and date you are booking, and any personal preferences!



Treks deposit:



Customized itineraries deposit:


You're invited to join the #TrekWithAlpaca Facebook community!

When it comes to getting ready to hit the trail, there is no better resource that others who have done it. That's why we love watching new trekkers connect with seasoned trekkers on our Alpaca Expeditions Fan Page.

You're invited to join:

  • Read about others' experiences on the trails
  • Get helpful tips and recommendations
  • Find answers to your questions
  • And be a resource for future trekkers, yourself

Best of all, it's free!

Here is helpful information about getting to Peru...

Start here with this easy-to-follow guide that covers travel logistics to Lima and Cusco Peru, what to pack, where to stay and things to see in Cusco.

Learn more about...

  • Travel Details
  • What to Pack
  • Where to Stay
  • Things to See
  • How To Book
    You already took care of this!

Here's all you need to know about preparing in Cusco for your trek.

Acclimatizing, checking in, packing your trekking bags, FAQs, what to expect.

Learn more about...

  • Checking in & payment
  • Before departure
  • What to expect
  • Ready to go
    You're already ahead of the game 😉

"The Journey is the Destination"

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Need Help Chat with us

Chat with one of our representatives below:

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