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Salkantay Trek - Alpaca Expedtions
Salkantay Trek - Alpaca Expeditions
Soraypampa Humantay, salkantay trekking

Why Book the 5.5 Day Salkantay Trek with

Alpaca Expeditions...?

Salkantay has grown in popularity and is now easily the second most travel route to Machu Picchu after the Inca Trail. But we work hard to separate ourselves by including unique elements including amazing private campsites, a different route to allow you to feel one with the mountains, and a top notch team that is dedicated to keeping you safe, really well fed and enjoying every moment.


  • We have a completely unique itinerary that includes the most spectacular views this area offers. From glacier peaks to the jungle, hikers will head through different micro-climates drastically changing the scenery from day to day.

  • We head to the trailhead the night before the trek begins, allowing our hikers to head to Hamantay Lake (the blue lagoon) before any other group. Hopefully weather will allow you to see the sunrise over this crystal lake.

  • Our itinerary separates us from other companies, allowing our hikers to enjoy the quiet magic of the mountains.


  • Private Campsites located in strategic locations to enjoy the nature charm rather than camping in the backyard of farmers surrounded by loud animals, cars, or loud music by neighbors as our competitors do.

  • Hikers will spend the first night in our NEW glass cabañas where they can star gaze from the comforts of their bed.

  • Our second campsite is inspired by the Hobbit…a little shire with small houses for our hikers to stay in, hot Jacuzzis for our hikers to relax in and plenty of hammocks for our hikers to meditate in. This campsite has phone charging areas, beautiful views and a great and relaxing place with swimming pool.

  • We save our best campsite for the last night of camping, with views in front of Machu Picchu. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset over the mountains and Machu Picchu from your tent.


  • We are the only company to use satellite phones on all treks. You are a phone call away from any emergency or non-emergency. It’s good to be disconnected from the world, but know that help is around the corner if needed.

  • This hike includes 2 nights of tent camping and we use only the best equipment. 4 man tents for 2 hikers to share.


  • We are 100% local company. Our team receives the best wages, health insurance, all equipment including boots and warm, waterproof coats.

  • Dedicated to our porters welfare and the welfare of their families. We work directly with our teams villages to help improve life with our social projects, often focused on their children and improving their education and health.

  • Our efforts of being the best company in Cusco, leader in all Inca tours, has been recognized…Name of the element

  • # 1 ranked tour operator for trekking by Trip Advisor for three years in a row

  • Twice awarded as the best tour company by the Local government of Cusco

We can’t wait to take you on this amazing adventure to Machu Picchu.