Why is Humantay Lake turquoise

Why is Humantay Lake turquoise?

This beautiful lagoon often called ‘’Blue lagoon’’ awakens the senses of everybody who gets the chance to conquer its path and get to witness it in person.

The Humantay lake or Blue lagoon is located under the Humantay glacier above the 5470 meters above sea level. This lake is in the Mollepata district, the Anta province inside the state of Cusco. Even if the water in its pure state does not have a color; contrary to this we know that sunlight if it contains colors. Electromagnetic waves in daylight are made out of practically all frequencies in the obvious range. A beam of daylight contains all the shades of a rainbow: from violet to red, through blue, green, yellow and orange.

Why is Humantay Lake turquoise Alpaca Expeditions

The shade of water is because of particular assimilation of light. At the point when light goes through the water, it ingests from the electromagnetic range the radiations relating to the red light, and along these lines the light that goes through it we consider to be blue (which is the complementary shading to red). It tends to be said that the water primarily ingests the more fragile hues that for instance are red and orange, while blues and greens are transmitted completely. In any case, this would not be the main thing that enables the Humantay Lagoon to have this shading so lovely, in the event that it were not for a similar domain, the flora inside of it, the temperature and the height of the same lake.

Humantay Lake turquoise

Let us take you to the beautiful shores of the Humantay lake

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