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World Vegan Day
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World Vegan Day

Alpaca Expeditions understands special dietary restrictions. We can accommodate your special needs and prepare appropriate meals by our Chefs. To celebrate World Vegan Day, we wanted to share some Peruvian food that is vegan-friendly!

Even when meat is big in Peruvian food, we have a huge variety of vegetables, fruits, and grains. Andean food is mostly based on potatoes, grains, and corn. While in the Jungle they´re mostly made of local fruits and vegetables that grow in that region. There are also over 4,000 different varieties of potatoes in Peru!

For some food options in Peru, let's start with dessert! The first is “Mazamorra Morada” with the main ingredient of which is purple corn. It also contains various fruits like peaches, plums, and quinces. The other dessert is vegan by default! This is called “Picarones” and looks like a doughnut. It is made from sweet potatoes & squash, topped with a sweet syrup known as “Miel de Chancaca”. Even though meil means “honey” in Spanish, there is no bee honey in the syrup, just unrefined whole cane sugar.

For lunch and dinner, you can make some adjustments to dishes to make them vegan. Starting with Palta a la Jardinera (stuffed avocado) without mayonnaise, Ceviche with mushrooms or mango instead of fish, & Lomo Saltado (stir-fry beef) with mushrooms or other vegetables to replace the beef. Needless to say, Peru has some options that will suit your vegan lifestyle, and Alpaca Expeditions can help you with every meal!
Buen Provecho!

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