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Travel Proud

Proud that you chose a local company that is invested in helping our community prosper. We work hard on improving education for all our team and improve the health for them and their families.

Stay Connected

Stay connected to the roots of the Incas - being led by their actual descendants. This is our history and we have so much pride in sharing with you all. Plus, when you hike on any of our trails, stay connected to your loved ones with our satellite phones - only company in Cusco to use them.

Hike Responsible

We serve Pachamama, Mother Earth, and work hard to keep our planet clean and green. We leave no trace behind and leave the trail looking better than we met it.

We take care of it allfrom door to door.

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Alpaca Expeditions is a leader in all Inca Trail tours in Peru and treks to Machu Picchu. We are 100% Peruvian, all growing up in villages around the city, growing up with tales of the greatness of the Incas. While we focus on the care and quality of our tours, our commitment to our own community is unparalleled. We are here to make this world a better place and supporting our own community is our top priority. We are also dedicated to the planet and leave no footprint on our tours and provide extra support to help clean the trails on every trek. We are excited to show you our homeland and hope you fall in love with Peru.

A Glance at Some of our Tours

We offer treks, tours by train and even day tours around Cusco and the Sacred Valley. No matter how you want to travel, we are here to help.

We can even help with your full itinerary around Peru, personalized for your needs. Here is a quick look at some of our most popular...



Classic 4D/3N Inca Trail

The most popular of all treks in Peru. Spend 4 days passing through beautiful scenery and amazing inca ruins without the crowds of Cusco. This is the only hike that allows you to hike directly into Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate. (REQUIRES A PERMIT)

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Special salkantay trek 5.5D/5N

Get higher up in the Andes, closer to the mountain peaks and then make your way down through different micro-climates. Views are stunning - you will love every step especially on night three when your campsite offers views of Machu Picchu in the distance.



4D/3N Lares Trek

Take this beautiful route up in the mountains and get the opportunity to meet the actual descendants of the Incas. This is a beautiful, genuine experience of meeting the Andean people learning about their culture and traditions.

Lares Trek to Machu Picchu 4D/3N


2D/1N Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu

Head to the Sacred Valley to explore the valley of the Incas visiting Pisaq, Ollantaytambo and more. Then head by train to Machu Picchu. Perfect for those who want to skip the hike.

A Passion for Responsible Tourism

  • Better wages
  • Real healthcare
  • Proper equipment....for free
  • Animal protection
  • Community Service
  • Support education endeavors
  • No footprint left behind
  • Local ingredients 

We work hard to serve our community and our land and hope all our clients appreciate our home and our people. Read here for more information on how we dedicate ourselves to Responsible Tourism.

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With so many companies offering treks through the Andes? What makes us so special?


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  • 100% Local

  • Amazing Chefs

  • Sustainable

  • Commited to our Community

  • Top Guides

  • Best Equipment

  • Superior Safety Standards

  • Hardest Working Porters

  • Private Portable Bathrooms

  • Satellite Phones

  • Leave No Trace

"The Journey is the Destination"

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About Alpaca Expeditions

Alpaca Expeditions provides the superior and unique inca trail tours in Peru. One of our primary goals is to support the local community. We are able to accomplish this goal by providing jobs and building sustainable schools for Andean kids. Our large variety of treks to Machu Picchu and other amazing sites allows us to cater to any need. We are sure that there is an expedition that suits your desires.


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Awarded as best inka trail operator by Peruvian Government

The Journey is the Destination

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