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As the #1 tour operator in Peru, Alpaca Expeditions prides ourselves on superior service to our clients, creating unique and memorable adventures all around Peru. We will tailor each package and tour to fit your needs, no matter if you are a family with young children or a bunch of friends seeking an adventure. We pride ourselves on being sustainable and responsible, committed to improving the lives of our team and their families with better wages and services. We welcome all to visit Peru and can’t wait to introduce you to the Inca traditions. Our home is your next adventure.


Only company with More than 19,000 excellent reviews on Tripadvisor


Only company with 4 ISO + Green FootPrint
ISO, International Organization for Standarization


Awards, Recognized as the Best Travel Agency in Peru


Trekkers Blogs The best way to understand the experience of travelling with Alpaca is reading and watching what others have experienced with us.


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NEW and UNIQUE , 2022 add on will be the cooking class in all our camping treks , learn to cook under the stars and next to the mountains.


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Why travel with Alpaca Expeditions?

Locally owned and operated.

Top trip leaders.

Highest quality, name brand equipment.

Delicious and nutritious meals, catering to all food restrictions.

Superior inclusions to competitors with no hidden fees.

Sustainable and responsible travel.

Safety conscious with first aid training annually.

Unique service philosophy dedicated to our porter welfare equally to our client services.

Fair and kind travel.

Equal employer with a focus on women’s rights in tourism.

International and local recognition.

Why travel with Alpaca Expeditions

Most Popular Treks to Machu Picchu

Hiking to Machu Picchu is a true adventure, making the journey to the Inca Citadel as rewarding as the ruins themselves. There are lots of routes to take, from the most popular Classic Inca Trail 4D/3N to the longer Salkantay 5.5D/5N, all ending at Machu Picchu on your last day for an amazing tour of this World Wonder. Those interested in the Inca Trail do need to plan early as permits sell out very far in advance. Every trek we do is full of amazing landscape and history, so there is no wrong choice to make. Remember, the journey is the destination.

Peru Packages

Travelling around Peru is a bit more complicated than other countries. Book one of our comprehensive packages and let Alpaca Expeditions handle all the difficult logistics and bookings. We have lots of options including all the highlights of Peru including the Amazon, Lake Titicaca, flights over the Nazca Lines, even foodie tours around Lima. And if our published itineraries aren’t perfect, we can customize just for you. We got you covered!

Cultural Tours

Our cultural tours are designed to offer the most unique highlights of our region. There is so much to see in the city and surrounding valley to learn more about our history and culture. And the views are breathtaking. Our cultural tours can be done in a day or two and include all of what makes Alpaca Expeditions special: top rated tour guide and impeccable service.

Alpaca Difference

Alpaca Expeditions differentiates itself from the rest in many aspects.
hand in hand with its workers and collaborators.

Inca Trail Porter Welfare Alpaca Expeditions
Alpaca Expeditions Hike Like a Girl
Committed to our Social projects

Alpaca Expeditions leads the chart in porter payments and also in porter welfare. We take care of o Alpaca Expedi

Safety on the Trail Satellite Phone

Social Projects

Leading the Way in Sustainable Tourism and Community Projects
in Peru Since 2013


We understand the importance of extra safety measures to make sure our Peru Women Guides and Porters are comfortable at all times. Sexual harassment is real in all industries, but with women and men sleeping so close together, we needed to be clear on proper behavior. We decided to hire an outside coach to review with everyone on our team the Do’s and Don’ts. He helped to reinforce the rules we have at Alpaca Expeditions, like no drinking on the job (this leads to poor choices), no touching, careful language, be respectful to everyone. And a reminder that we are a team and we need to stick up for each other and ourselves.

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Empowering Women


The tourism industry is very important in Peru and it also has a great impact on a lot of families and the environment itself. Alpaca Expeditions is a sustainable tourism tour operator. We protect our land and environment at every tour and trek to preserve it for future generations. Alpaca Expeditions also retributes with the local communities with different social projects all along every year. We do our best to get back to our communities and also to make the best for our staff. We protect our land, our clients and our staff. Travelling responsibly is the new way to travel and we can make it happen for you!

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Our goal at Alpaca Expeditions is to create the best experience for all of our clients. We create journeys that are to be remembered for a lifetime. Journeys you can be proud of and can share with everybody around you.

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